Friday, November 28, 2014

We Had A Happy Thanksgiving - And My Latest Watercolor -

"Arriving Back At The Barn-Acadia" , watercolor, 10 x 19 3/4" ©2014

 Snow steadily fell over our farm on the eve before Thanksgiving and we put the horses back into their cozy stalls. I did the baking for our Thanksgiving Day celebration that we spent with family. I hope you all had someone to enjoy the day with. I am so thankful for our life on our small farm with our horses, and that I am able to paint works that make my heart happy.

This is the latest work finished, “Arrival Back At The Barn – Acadia”  is a watercolor depicting a lovely 4 in- hand of Kaldruber horses pulling their happy party of passengers, as they all come back from a lovely ride on the miles of carriage roads of Acadia National Park.

I am working on commission work now, that of course, I can’t show, as they are going to folks for Christmas. I will continue my "Fall Clean Up Sale" for a bit longer. Some folks have nabbed some great buys in this art sale…….Were you one? If you haven’t bought anything yet, take at look at the work available while it is up… offering easy shopping from the comfort of your home!

Have a warm cozy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. 
From our house to your house!
God bless!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Fall Special Making Room Sale.... Or "Cleaning Up The Studio Sale"


It has to happen!!!  Another Fall Clean Up The Studio Special Sale!!....I did it last year with great success...... but my studio is getting too crowded again....and if I want to continue painting, [and I do] I HAVE to move out some of my art works. Some are framed. Some are not framed. They are ALL  being offered at very low prices and my space dilemma is your gain. So grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine and virtually walk around my virtual art sale. It is a great way to collect my work at discounted prices. Collect for your own walls... or for that special person on your holiday shopping list.


These are just a few that are listed in the sale. I am going through my inventory and will be adding a few more over the days the sale is running. So have some fun looking through my inventory sale....and good luck! Hope you nab a good one...........for yourself, or for that someone special for the holidays!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

One Oar - A Painting And My Life

It is difficult rowing a boat with one oar, but that is actually the scene I saw on our Maine coast and that I painted in one of my latest works. It seems to be a metaphorical description of my life lately. Right now I am working with ‘one oar”.  ….Actually I am working with one good eye, having just gone through cataract surgery. What a different a day makes. With one new lens implanted in one of my cataract clouded eyes, I am now looking at a world that is bright with wonderful whites in my left eye. My right eye awaits its turn, as it still sees a gray and yellowish world. I am wondering how this will affect my paintings. I have had a hard time painting details, mixing colors…..even seeing. I am excited about what I can see now out of one eye…..!! Can you imagine how it will be when both eyes are seeing a brand new world ?
So until then…..I will be rowing with “One Oar”.   This painting is available on my website.
Thank you for your interest in my art!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

My Latest Mixed Media Done - Reverie

"Reverie" , Mixed Media ,  12 x 12"  ©2014

The days outside are getting shorter. The days in the studio are starting to get longer. This is a good thing, as Martha would say......and my muse feels the same way. With three paintings in the works in my small studio, [ and one of those three paintings is big!], I am enjoying my time in the studio and trying to play catch up . It was a lovely summer of gardening and carriage driving, company visiting and I am paying for it now. But that's fine. I  have so many ideas I want to get painted.

The above mixed media work is the latest off my easel. The of our horses, but I believe anyone can relate to a handsome horse looking over a stall door , deep in thought about what their day was about. In this guy's case.......grazing all day!!  "Reverie"  is available on my website, ready to grace someone's art collection.

Did I tell you about my being interview with a national magazine? Hmmmm, if I didn't I will next time. I vow to be up to date with my blogs, ......and I know I am over due for a email newsletter ......stay tuned. I am catching up! AND I am painting!!

Welcome to my studio....Cob Cottage Studio

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Mixed Media Figurative Painting While Fall Starts It's Glow Outside

  "Enlightened"  , casein and mixed media      18 x 18"  ©2014

The days are shorter. The weather has been wonderful with crisp fall mornings that beckon me to start the day full of fall colors and sounds….. Leaves that crunch underfoot, crows cawing from tall spruce. I love it.
The fall weather brought visits from artist friends and my family. The owner of Equis Art Gallery and her husband came to pick up new work from me, and we got to enjoy days of touring Maine. I carried my camera and have reference photos of iconic Maine landscapes to keep me busy all winter as I work on my new body of work.
I feel a need to do more figurative work. I have started using our grandchildren as subjects. I hope they don’t mind!! “Enlightened” is a new mixed media work [casein, gold leaf and languid gold]. It is on canvas and is sized 18 X 18”. It was a fun painting to do and took me quite a while to do between company visits. This painting has been juried into the River Arts art show “Faces & Figures” that opens Oct 10th in Damariscotta, Maine.Hope you can make the show! There is some neat work hanging in this exhibit.

I have 2 paintings in the works now. I can’t wait to show them!
Until then….I will paint!

Our grape arbor is turning color...a fall burnt red.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beautiful Belgian Horses With a Nip In The Air

The weather has taken a turn and there is a lovely chill in the air that whispers of fall, leaves starting to change color and the veggie garden has slowed down. I have pulled out most the veggies, leaving tomatoes to ripen and Swiss chard to grow in the clean fall like air. I now we have several weeks left of summer. I will take it with joy. Then begins fall’s cascading colors and even the cooler nights. Life goes on the farm with the never ending chores.
This recently done oil painting is drying and available on my website. Draft horses from the stable in Seal Harbor, Maine……The beautiful big pairs that carry the sight seekers along the carriage roads of Acadia. The drivers have groomed them nicely and added the lovely touch of braiding the big horses’ tails. It was that extra touch that caught my eye and prompted me to paint them.
                   "I Said HAW"  , Oil on canvas on panel,  12 x 12"  ©2014

When I haven’t been in the studio painting I have been outside painting and trying to paint doors on the house and then there is the new horse-fencing that needs staining…….yup………….never ending chores on a small Maine farm.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Small Painting Of Acadia - August's Asticou Gardens

"Passing Asticou Gardens, North East Harbor"  , Oil on gessobord, 6 x 6" ©2014
Still trying to play catch up on work done in my blog posts, while trying to manage gardens, put up new horse fence and do all the everyday things that need doing on this small mid-coast Maine farm. August has giving us some stellar weather… and it is so hard to stay in the studio working on commissions and new original work when it is clear that this weather is not going to last and that fall will soon be here , with winter not far behind.
I did this small oil painting of a favourite scene we passed everyday on our way to Acadia during the month of July. It is beautiful in July. June is when it is heavenly with all the rhododendrons and azaleas are in blossom. But I also love the more subdued landscape of the July Asticou Gardens. I hope this small gem touches the heart of some other admirer of Maine landscapes.
Now I am headed back out to enjoy this hot sun filled August day. I have been painting.

Our gardens......

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Cabin By The Estuary in Acadia


This painting was done a while ago, but I have been so lax on writing my blog and never posted about it. I actually have finished 3 paintings and haven’t written about them. I blame it on my presence on Facebook, [] and the fact that we have been busy on the farm mowing, gardening and trying to keep up with it all. We try and drive our pair of horses too. It all doesn’t get done, but we are enjoying this summer so. Soon it will be fall and I PLAN on getting back into the studio then to work on some new works I have been planning. But as long as the warm sunny days lure me outside, I need to get things done that need doing outside.
The old house or cabin in this painting has intrigued me to years. I wonder about who lived there before leaving it neglected. Every time we go to Acadia we pass this old house that now sits empty. It looks down from a small hill onto the estuary on the opposite side of the road that runs between. Both scenes have been inspiring me to paint them.  I have finally captured the gray small house. The estuary is next. I know already how I want to approach the painting of this ever changing landscape.
I have not yet run out of ideas for new paintings………….I don’t think I ever will.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maine Landscapes and Seascapes ,My Works In A New Show At River Arts





I have had the two oil paintings above, juried into the new River Arts’ show “The Story Of Maine- Land and Sea”. It opened 8/1/2014 and runs through 8/28/2014. The Juror for the exhibition was Susan Groche.  She is professor of Art, Department Chair at the University of Maine, Orono. I hope you can get to see this great show highlighting some of Maine’s new artists and some already established artists of Maine. The works are for sale.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dressed For Success And Carriage Driving In Acadia

"Dressed For Success"  Casein on paper    9 x 12"  ©2014

  I would have to admit that every painting, sketch, or even an idea that I create comes from my daily life, my love of our place in time and our life with horses. The entire month of July, driving with our horses up at Acadia National Park, has provided me with so many ideas for new paintings to be done, that I will be drawing on that wealth of inspiration for a long time to come. I have draft horses paintings that I have already painted in my sleep, but need to get done on canvas….driving scenes to paint, and Maine landscape paintings that I know I need to do. I know what I am going to doing this winter!
The Carriage Roads of Acadia


“Dressed For Success”, one the latest paintings I have done, is an image that was inspired by a photo I took years ago at a sleigh rally at the wonderful Washburn-Nor lands Living History Center in Livermore Falls, Maine. I had done a watercolor of these Percheron draft pair years ago, and that painting was sold. I wanted to revisit this handsome pair again, and this time I decided to use my casein paintings with a warm background, then that warm ground appears through the cool white paint brush strokes, creating warmth to the skin of the handsome draft horses. I am very pleased with the effect I get with this approach. You can see this approach a lot in my work.
 We are finally back home at the farm now…our horses enjoying a respite from daily carriage driving on the wonderful carriage roads at Acadia.  August is a busy time up there and we will wait a bit before we head up there again. Now we are busy catching up on farm work……painting the house, civilizing the perennial gardens and harvesting the bounty that our meager vegetable gardens are providing us with.
And I will get back to the studio and paint!!!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Painting Of Seal Harbor Bridge / Acadia & Carriage Horses

"Seal Harbor Bridge/Acadia"  Casein on board    12 x 12"  ©2014


The second bridge that an equine experience in Acadia provides you is Seal Harbor Bridge….a bridge that the horses actually go under and that cars drive over. This bridge always seems to me to be our portal to the magic that is Acadia. Our first Acadia drive is always under this bridge and over to Little Long Pond……So beautiful…..The air filled with the woodland scents of fir, cedar, pine and fern. The moss covered forest rug cover the landscape and the coping stones lining the carriage roads, draw the horses and carriage along. I will NEVER tire of this. Our horses love trotting along the gravel packed roads, eager to see what is past the next corner. It is like heaven. I will NEVER tire of painting this experience, and hopefully my paintings will help other enjoy the feeling of trotting along carriage roads, as if in another place and time. A slower and gentler time.  My new casein painting is now available on my website. More works to come.

So between carriage rides……I will be painting.  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Painting Of Old Times


Well, it seems like I have been busier than a bee lately. Seems appropriate considering the season. On the one hand the gardens are begging to be watered, weeded and fed. On the other hand, barn chores are calling......Never mind the fact that I need to paint. Horses need to be driven.... Dog walked. All in good time I guess. 
"Farm Chores" is the latest work to come off the easel. It was prompted by a foray into an old chest that I have full of family photos. One photo of my mother and her cousin feeding chickens seemed to need to be painting. So I took an old black and white photo, edited it and added my own color palette to make the scene my own. It was a stretch, and it is one that I would like to do again. The good old days renewed.
I have new work going down to River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine…..headed there tomorrow. Taking my camera….one never knows what one might see!!
Until then……….I am painting.


Two new Paintings-An Oil and A Casein- Horses and Maine Landscape

I lived through my The Art Of Red River radio blog interview. Hope you  grab a chance to listen to their show....It is like sitting with artists and chatting with them. I enjoyed it!
 "Nubble Point Light House"   Casein on board,    15 x 11"   ©2014 Kathi Peters
I just realized that I had not blogged about 2 new works done and available on my website. The first is a fun casein done of Nubble Point Light House in York, Maine. I used to live right down the road from this light house. Fitting that I should paint it. It is a 15 x 11" casein on illustration board.
The second is an oil painting on canvas. "Undone" is  an 18 x 24" work that metaphorically deals with a feeling of not being "hooked to the carriage" and out off line with life. Might have come to being due to a feeling I have been having lately. I am sure we all have it at times.

"Undone"    Oil on canvas      18" x 24"   ©2014  Kathi Peters
I have had several glorious days working in my it rains and I have been packaging art work to ship out to clients and working on a casein painting that should be done soon.......back to painting!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Radio Interview?? AND A New Show Opening!







Our crab apple tree
Lately there seems to be a slow rhythm to my days on our farm. Horses fed. Horses put out. Stalls done. Dog walked. Gardening attempted. Afternoons in the studio until evening ...when it's horses in. Horses fed. Dog walked. Evening time to relax. But then, into the mix comes art shows to attend, galleries to deliver art work to, and now even a radio interview. RADIO INTERVIEW??!!  This is a first for me……so I hope someone will be listening….And if you are, I would love to hear your comments!!  The interview is  Monday June 2nd!! It is at 1:30 pm and I guess lasts about 20 minutes. I hope I can last 20 minutes.  The show is called Art of the Red River.  It is a once a month show, live and taped.  Here is a link to the radio blog.               They have a Facebook page too.. .  I am hoping that I make sense and that my words don’t come out jumbled. I still have problems with aphasia since my stroke in 2006. I will try to rest before the interview. If I am tired, words just do not come. I am left with jumbled speech, a brain that can’t find words and I find answering questions most mind boggling. So tune in!! You might have a pleasant surprise or at least witness a very entertaining comedy show??!!

My other news: I had 2 casein paintings juried into the River Arts Gallery’s new exhibit “Down On The Farm”. The show opens May 30 and runs until June 19th in, Damariscotta, Maine. See my Events page to see where I am showing next!!  I am so pleased to be showing in Maine and being able to physically be there to see my work hung, and see the works of other Maine artists. This state is full of so many talented artists.
I have new works “in the works”… I better get painting.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art Show In Italy And New Work


"Shades Of Black"     Casein on board   12 x 12"  
©2010 Kathi Peters
I was invited to take part in an exciting new event showcasing thought-provoking and moving works of art that is being held to raise money for the Italian Horse Protection Foundation, a non-profit association which rescues horses from cruel and life-threatening situations. Over 50 artists are participating with their work from all over the world. My painting “Shades of Black – winter #3” is my painting showcased in this event.
The exhibition received the patronage of the Mayor of Florence and the Minister of Culture will open the event.
 This will take place at the Porcellino Gallery from the 18th to the 28th of May and on the 29th at the Palagio di Parte Guelfa the final reception.  Then the art is being sold by silent auction and each work will have a card with information about the artist. People can bid throughout these 11 days. The Reception on the 29th is on invitation only for all the bidders and invited guests. All proceeds will go to the Italian Horse Protection Fund, a non-profit association If you are in Italy…or want to bid ….For info you can call 3336830988 or email:
 Warm spring days means outside time, gardens, horses and less studio time. I am working on 18 x 24’ oil on canvas and did finish two smaller caseins. I also sent down some new works for Equis Art Gallery inventory of my work. I hope folks in the Red Hook,New York will head over and see what they have there.  The works below are 2 smaller works I finished and they are available for purchase. Now back to the work at hand!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"My Community", I'm Juried into A New Maine Show!

              "Bushy Tailed" Casein    12 x 12"  And   "Bright Eyed"   Casein    12 x 12"

Reception: 4/25/2014 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Location: River Arts Gallery
(207) 563-1507

241 US Route 1 (North)

Damariscotta Maine 04543

This exhibition has work in many mediums that address the theme of “ My Community ”.  Artists were encouraged to take the theme of  “My Community”  broadly – family, friends, activities; neighborhoods, gatherings, things that bring us together,  community of present, past or imagined. I had 3 works juried into this exhibit.

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Working The Farm and Painting -That Is My Day

The garden's early blooming daffodils,so sweet.

My goodness, how times flies.  I have been busy…and a bit distracted. Spring has found its way into our neighborhood and our gardens still need tended…horses beg for attention. Some of my days, though, have found me in the studio. I have painted a few new works, shipped some of my work out to new collectors and to galleries and shows. I have delivered some art work River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta,Maine.  With spring comes walks with Nell, time to breath in the smell of our woods wet with melting snow, cedar, pine and spruce perfume the air, and birds are singing the age old 'rites of spring' songs. Life is good and sweet on the farm. I am starting to pack my pochade with the idea of getting out side and doing some painting of beautiful Maine……but for the most part, now my time is spent doing studio work.

 'Barn With The Yellow Door"  , Casein on paper,  8.5 x 13"

 "Barn With The Yellow Door" is a scene depicting our barn and my old  Tennessee Walker Duster, who I sadly lost last year... just about this time of year too. I miss the old boy, and as he was always my muse....when I went to paint our barn, my old Duster had to be in the painting too.

Our two Morgan boys, my 'Ginger Boys' , are now my muses....and this next work is of Devon. He prompted a mixed media piece in graphite and gold leaf. His face, chiseled and handsome, his large soft eye always gives my heart joy. Hopefully " Sweet Man' will touch someone else's heart too. I love the way the small gold leaf parts of the drawing highlight his face.

"Sweet Man" , Mixed media on claybord, 12 x 12"
 I am ready to start a new work watercolor. So it is time to paint!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where Has March Gone? New Percheron Painting!

This month has just flown by. With spring being very fickle and just giving us glimpes of her warmth and promise of green, tomorrow we have the priviledge of experiencing yet another Nor'Easter with snow and high winds.
I will be in the studio trying to get paintings packed and ready to ship out.
March did let me finish this new painting of draft horses at Wildwood Stables in Acadia National Park. Acadia is a spot where I get a lot of inspiration for paintings and it has been so for years . For over 20 plus years we have been going there and soaking in Acadia's beauty. We are so looking forward to doing that again this summer. If it ever comes. We are still waiting on spring to do her thing!!
Until then......I paint!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Horse Racing Season In Saratoga & New Art Show

With thoughts of spring bringing summer I was inspired to paint a summer racing season painting depicting Saratoga Springs post parade….. It was a fun and difficult work to do with multiple subjects and perspective …who should be emphasized and how do attack the background? Where is the vanishing point? Is there a interesting focal point?  I worked hard on it and I think I achieved what I set out to do.  I am happy with it.
“Saratoga 5 4 6” “is finally done and up on my website.


On another note:    New show opened at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast, Maine.  “The 6th Annual “44N 69W: Radius Belfast” 2014. This exhibit showcases local artists and it helps support our local food pantries. I have work in this local show again this year. This is a show I enjoy supporting!  The show will be exhibited from March 6th – 30th, 2014.   Hope everyone comes out in force and buys paintings and helps feed local families who desperately need help.

"Retired"  , oil on copper , 10 x 10"

I am feeling inspired by spring! Back to painting!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maine Winters Are Not Gray When Seen With An Artist's Eye

I finished a new casein work, a winter scene in our winter wonderland. “Forward” is now available on my website. I can’t get enough of the colors that winter brings to the landscape…the purples, blues and pinks. Add the copper coats of a chestnut horse and I am in heaven! “Forward” was inspired by all those colors. Who says winter is colorless???


Now back to the paint! New works in the work!!

Having Studio Fun And Learning

With new ink and pens sitting waiting for some time for me... I toot a few days for doing fun things with them. One work done was a 9 1/2 x 9 1/2" sketch of my granddaughter Jackie. If she lived closer, I would love to have her as a model more often. But this was done from a photo and that had to do. It is a work closer to works what I did years ago when I lived in Italy. It is fun and loose. I need to do these more often. I promised myself that I would!

Then when I was looking through old photos for inspiration for new paintings , I came across a scene I wanted to sketch. It was a photo of a statue that had intrigued me on one of our trips to Saratoga Springs, NY ,  where I had work with Equidae Gallery. I loved the statue's up held arm with the fingers bend and one finger missing. I loved the flowers clutched to her breast. So another  pen and ink came to life.

It was enlightening to get back into pen and ink...and it has me exciting about some new ideas I have for future works.....

But now ......back to painting!

New Cover With My Art,Two Casein Painting Done And More Snow


Winter contiues in our part of the country. Heating bills skyrocket and I have to admit to a bIt of cabin fever. But through it all I have managed to finish two casein paintings that are up on my website. I also did some sketching and playing around with pen and ink. I am not one for most days find me in my studio working on something.Or reading.

 February  started with the arrival of the new issue of The Horse's Maine featuring my work on the cover. My painting "Color On A Gray Winter Day" graced this month's publication. Thank you Horse's Maine for that honor.  A fitting image for the start of the Chinese "Year Of The Horse".......hope this is my year too!!

And so I paint!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Have To Have Another Studio Sale & Have 2 New Paintings Done


They say that it is good to let go...move on ...clear clutter...and I have decided to have another studio clean up sale.  “A Mid-Winter Special Studio Sale Of Art Work “ .  The work offered in this studio sale can be seen on my website on a page created specifically for that sale. I hope there a painting there that you cannot live without! It is ‘ Easy Peasey’ to buy it with Buy Buttons through secure PayPal.  Help me de-clutter and buy hay for my horses!!

I have finished a new water color of a driving pair. Another ground driving painting, with the movement and brio that can take part in even the simple discipline of ground driving horses. “Ground Driving the Pair” is now up available on my Equine Art page.

 As soon as I finished the watercolor, I did a small casein of a Jack Russell pup….our hairy Nell modeled for me. She is a cheap model!  One chewy bone and she is good to go.

I am waiting for spring with such a longing. This winter has been brutal....warmth and green growing will be welcomed!
Until it comes.........I will paint!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A New Painting - Alone With A Friend

The first painting of 2014 is done. It is a painting that is really an image from my mind....a feeling that I have had the privilege of experiencing many times throughout my life. A sweet moment. Alone, but not lonely. A girl with her horse.

It feels good to have a large [for me] painting under my belt for the beginning of the year. Love my caseins, but feel a need to get back into doing some watercolors again. So I have a large [for me] watercolor of a driving pair in the works. It feels good to be pushing the paint my watercolors! Each medium I use has a different feel and forces me to approach it differently. I  think it helps keep my eye fresh and my work evolving. I hope so anyway.
So now back into the paint.....................

Saturday, January 11, 2014

News ..I Am Added To A New Art Gallery In Red Hook, N.Y.

2014 started with a weather pattern that is more or less erratic. But I don’t think I am telling you something you aren’t aware of. With an ice storm that left us without power…or heat... in below freezing temperatures ,  our farm is covered with a coating of ice which is making it hard to walk ...but oh so easy to slide…often unintentionally. So I walk carefully into the New Year with cleats on my winter boots and trying to grab time in the studio.  The cold weather means more work on the farm and less artistic time for me.

The good news is that I have been invited into a new art gallery in Red Hook, NY. So this week I packaged up 7 paintings to go to Equis Art Gallery, in Red Hook…..and I look forward to a great working relationship with them. This gallery that is representing some of the best international equine artists, and it is the dream incarnate of equine photographer Juliet Harrison. How appropriate that her "stable of artists" includes some amazing equine artists! I am so flattered to be part of that dream.

"Four In Hand From Above"  casein on paper  12 x 9"  ©2012

 One of my works that will be exhibited in Equis Art Gallery is my casein painting “Four In Hand From Above”, a painting that was inspired from a loft view of a coaching turnout that was up at Acadia’s Wildwood Stables years ago. I am always inspired to paint carriage driving scenes and the lofty view of any subject is also a view I have painted throughout the years. Equis Art Gallery is interested in my carriage driving art work. I will strive to create some more works with just that subject.
BACK TO THE STUDIO I GO…….There are paintings that need doing!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Bye 2013! Hello 2014!!! I am Ready!


Christmas has come and gone. Storms have buried my gardens and the farm in mantels of white. 2013 is almost done. I am excited about 2014. I anticipate a full plate of paintings, shows and new galleries. Bring it on!

 Commissions in 2013 took up a lot of my time. I will accept a limited amount of commission work in 2014, but hope the major part of the New Year will be all about original work, and working on some ideas I want to develop further.
One of my 2013 commission clients contracted me for 2 larger paintings of his driving horses, two different scenes and I enjoyed painting them both. Here they are! What handsome horses!

It feels so good to be back in the studio and working again....a lot of new happenings are prompting me to pull up my socks and get to work. Love it!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!