Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where Has March Gone? New Percheron Painting!

This month has just flown by. With spring being very fickle and just giving us glimpes of her warmth and promise of green, tomorrow we have the priviledge of experiencing yet another Nor'Easter with snow and high winds.
I will be in the studio trying to get paintings packed and ready to ship out.
March did let me finish this new painting of draft horses at Wildwood Stables in Acadia National Park. Acadia is a spot where I get a lot of inspiration for paintings and it has been so for years . For over 20 plus years we have been going there and soaking in Acadia's beauty. We are so looking forward to doing that again this summer. If it ever comes. We are still waiting on spring to do her thing!!
Until then......I paint!

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ann @ studiohyde said...

Wonderful painting :-)