Friday, September 25, 2015

Back Into Watercolor For My Latest New Painting

"Heading Out - Acadia"  watercolor , 11 x 25"  ©2015

"Heading Out - Acadia " is a new color painting,  finished last week actually....Another 4-in-hand turnout that captured my attention this summer, up at Wildwood Stables in Maine's  Acadia National Park. I captured them as they were eager to get out onto the carriage roads on their first visit to Acadia. I chose again to just portray the horses.....without the carriage, [a marathon type vehicle] as they went by....all movement and energy. Wonderful memories of an Acadia trip. If it were a commission I would have included the carriage and the driving party….but this is an original done with artist license.
 I am back into my oil paint now, working on some scenes of horses at liberty and some Maine landscapes.  We are also busy with guests coming and going on our Cob Cottage Farm. Summer is going too, but we have been blessed with some awesome summer like days lately...days that beg me to head out into my gardens and try to catch up on garden taming and transplanting. All too soon the cold weather will come all too soon. I will enjoy this weather while it lasts.
Also a quick reminder!!!.....Don't forget to take advantage of my ongoing Small Work is still going on until I take it down. Strike while the iron is hot , so to speak. Some neat small paintings are included in the sale. I'd hate for you to miss out on a good deal. The small paintings make great gifts for the Holidays!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ponies... More Ponies At Acadia

 "Ponies At Acadia" , casein , 9 x 12" ©2015

This is my latest casein painting done. The subjects , the handsomest four-in-hand of gray ponies,.... who I saw up at Acadia this summer. They were just coming back from a long drive. We were just leaving with our carriage, loaded on out trailer and were heading back from a month of driving at Acadia.
That leader pony, watching me, captured my eye.... I had to paint that inquisitive face. Why didn't I include the carriage and passengers? Because for me it was more about the horses......."Ponies At Acadia"

Most of today was spent in the studio as summer continues it hot muggy and frankly not too pleasant weather. I am not a lover of humidity and heat. But soon winter will come with its blast of frigid cold and snow.....I am hoping for some cool sun-filled fall weather about now. So for the time being I will be cloistered in my studio cave....painting.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Painting Pennsylvania - New Landscape

"McPherson's Barn-Gettysburg"      Oil      12 x 12"         ©2015

In March we went on a trip to Pennsylvania. It was a well needed trip, a getaway from our long cold snow covered Maine farm. We left our farm buried under 2 feet of snow and ice, but in the good hands of a great farm-sitter. We arrived in snow free Pennsylvania where green grass was starting to peek through ground and trees were leafing out. Like children we marveled at the early spring there, and then came home to our farm still covered in snow.  Gettysburg was one of our  PA. stops, and it was there that I fell in love with the handsome McPherson farm with its rolling hillside and historic barn. If you are interested in the Civil War, this barn has a story to tell. I painted it in it's early spring colors......walk on through the open gate and visit the barn. My latest oil done. "McPherson's Barn- Gettysburg"

I am painting today.....but am back to Maine's Acadia scenes.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

SALE Of Select Small Works

In a attempt to de-clutter the studio,  by re-homeing a few small paintings,......I am having a sale ....and it will be up for a limited time only.

Most of the work is NOW priced at only $100 , and some even lower than that. To be able to price them at this low price, I am offering them unframed , but will ship for free within the USA. There are paintings of horses, thoroughbred horse racing, dogs [Jack Russells and more], flowers and landscapes!
This sale will be posted on Facebook and Twitter page too, so don't miss out!
I hope some of this small gems can find new homes, new walls to hang on.
And I can get back to painting.......more!

Here are some of them:...........................
 "Spring Fling" Oil , 8 x 6"  ©

 "Leaping Lizards" , casein on board, 5 x 7" ©

Thanking you in advance for checking out the work.......And they are selling! .
Thank you so supporting my art!!!