Saturday, May 27, 2017

Back To The Barn - Four Up At Acadia

"Back To The Barn - Four Up" , watercolor , 9 x 20"
Another watercolor finished of four in hand a turnout seen at Acadia. I can't get enough of them....the power of four horses put to a carriage. So beautiful. This team was almost back to their barn at Wildwood Stables, in Seal Harbor, after being out for a long drive on the carriage roads. So much detail to depict in such a scene....and always the question about what to actually put into the painting and what to leave out, to leave to the viewer's imagination. I think there is just enough detail in this work to capture the beauty of this handsome team.
This painting is now being offered unframed.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I AM Going Somewhere

"Where Ever You Shall Go.." , mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas, 18 x 18"
copyright 2017

This past winter I started exploring my abstract creative side. It has proven to be an exciting foray. I’ve kept the initial start of my abstraction, as an intuitive step forward, onto a blank canvas. I'm working with acrylics and casein. Then I go in with my charcoals to draw the main subject, which I approach with more realism. I have always loved drawing….and my work, in the past, has been more impressionistic realism, but I have always been drawn [no pun intended] to abstract work and the use of pure color to drive intent and exploration. I think I will always have to have an element of realism in my work, but will continue dropping my subject into an abstract landscape, as I paint, splatter and drag color intuitively across the canvas. I hope you are enjoying my new work……and seeing where my journey takes me.
“Where Ever You Shall Go...” is done in mixed media [acrylic, casein, oil and ink]. Two draft horses walked away from me….walking into the abstracted landscape ….a path that draws them into a lovely light that hints of sunlight and trees standing tall. A tall Clydesdale follows the shorter more stocky spotted draft horse…where ever it may go……just as I seem to be following my muse, where ever it shall take me.
 I am pleased to announce that "Where Ever You Shall Go" as been juried into the "Artist's Choice Exhibit at River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine , with an opening reception to be held Friday, May 5th at 5 until 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

Watercolor Coaching Study

"Coaching Study" watercolor and ink, 8 x 12" ©2017

I have always loved the protocol and tradition of coaching. There is an excitement of a team of four horses pulling a coach with passengers dressed in proper attire , and with the bugler sounding the arrival or departure of the coach..... How wonderful.
The reference for this work was provided by friend and photographer Sarah Seaman.....thank you Sarah! I am sure I will do an actual larger finished painting of this beautiful scene.
This smaller watercolor and ink study, "Coaching"  is available on my website now.....
as I work some new work.  I'm painting!

Heading Towards Spring

"Heading To Spring" , copyright 2017

  I  finished "Heading Towards Spring" a bit ago.  This is my first foray into the use of Dura-la drafting film as a substrate and I WILL be doing more. I'm very excited about using this archival , non tearing drafting film as a new substrate in my artistic repertoire. It is good to add to one's artistic skills and this move proves to be a good stretch. Stay tuned!