Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve At Cob Cottage

Well, another year is about over...and the new year begins tonight...I have made my goal list for the new year...and this year is going to be about "commitment" other words..."git 'er done"!!
The evening skyline yesterday was gorgeous...and I see this view out of my studio window. Love it!
And I am so very thankful to be blessed with this work place!

Our little Nell is becoming the subject of many future paintings.......
if she would only stand still longer!

Mittens spends a lot of time watching the whirling dervish JRT
from the safety of the stairs to the loft.

And life goes on at Cob Cottage Farm.
All of us here wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!!!
and "Git 'er done!!!!"

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Start Of A New Day

This is a new work in progress. This new casein is 18 x 18" and it Titled "Start Of A New Day". It has the square format that I really love to work with and note that my works are getting bigger. I will be moving some of my painting out of the loft and taking over the house! The needed work space is growing!!

2009 is almost upon us all. I personally will take this week to format my plans for the new year. New shows have opened up for me and it is time to break out of the mold....stay tuned! For you who have signed up for my newsletter on my will receive all news via thanks for signing up there!!

Now...down to the do stalls [my daily exercise workout ! ] and then up to the loft to get decide what happens for 2009 and Cob Cottage Studio!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

After the Storm

This past Monday was spent digging out from too much snow. Even with a snow-blower it was an all day affaire. Nothing was done in the was all about the snow.

But today is sunny and not too cold out. I am back in the studio....and getting things done..sort of.

Our Cobs want hay...just keep them fed and they are happy. Look at the chest on our little Maggie. She will be 5 this year! How time flies! She is really ready to be worked!!
Back to my painting.....because time is flying.....and my casein paint hasn't been lately!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thinking about Summer?

I am sitting in my studio putting off doing barn chores. The outside temperature reads 6 F.. It is much more comfortable here in the studio loft, with good music playing and the pups sleeping...but I know I need to get the chores done. They are saying we might get up to 20" inches of the white stuff starting the afternoon?? Our horses are way out in their fields digging through the snow for grass. It is as if they know that after tonight there won't be as easy a dig to find those few green blades buried under the heavy new snow.

The above watercolor "Heading To The Pull" reminds me of summertime.........a long way off it seems now. I love going to the Maine fairs ...with all the noise and commotion...the smells of dough boys and popcorn...of hot dogs cooking and of sweet candy floss. This painted scene is one that you could see at any fair. It is a framed and matted watercolor ...the image is about 9 x 14" ...and it is can be seen on my website too.

Now down to the barn I guess and get chores done before the storm hits...........

Thursday, December 18, 2008

And How Long Til Spring?

Lil' Nell isn't so sure that winter in Maine is the way life should be!!?? Even if you are decked out in a stylish frock.........Now Addie, our Corgi, LOVES snow!!!

It is so interesting watching the two personalities and how they cope with life. Terrier versus Corgi.

Now back to the drawing board.
Have to work to make $$$$ so the little girl can have warm winter sweaters!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

People's Choice Winner! !

It is my pleasure announce that "Just Sitting Here" [ my painting donation to help fund CorgiAid 100%] received second place for the People's Choice award in the Helping Paws show! So that means so far Corgi Aid gets $50.00 from the Canine Art Guild's virtual art show titled "Helping Paws".

They would like to process the donation to Corgi Aid before the end of the year - wouldn't be great if someone bought the small painting to further help CorgiAid? You can buy it directly from the Canine Art Guild's would be a neat present for someone for the holidays??...and would help CorgiAid 100%...I have donated the entire amount to help CorgiAid on behalf of my PWC, Sweet Adeline and us all at Cob Cottage Farm in Maine!

All the "Helping Paws" People's Choice recipients are:

$100 Almost Home New Mexico for "Innocent" by Christine Ford

$50 Corgi Aid for "Just Sitting Here" by Kathi Peters

$50 Monica's Rescue for "Atlas" by Catherin McMillan

$50 Yancy County Humane Society in Burnsville NC for "Afternoon Nap" bySusan Garriques

A round of applause for each of the participants and for the shelters!!So please enjoy the virtual art show and help a rescue fund that is dear to my heart...CORGIAID!

Today the snow is falling in fluffy flakes covering the farm with a white mantel. It all looks so very Christmas-y. I am cozy in my studio with two dogs who have a good life. I hope we can help some other pooches have good homes too...maybe their forever homes... at this time of year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

After the Storm

The last few days on Cob Cottage Farm have been very intense. It was all about survival…keeping warm and hauling water from the flowing brook for house use and for the horses. Actually we had it better than many folks in Maine. We have a generator…and used it to keep warm in the cottage, keep the wine chilled in the fridge [J] and to keep the cell phones charged so we could keep in touch with the outside world. Our two canines had it tough…..they huddled together on the couch. Wish we had it so good!!

Here are some photos of our farm on Friday morning………..we didn’t get our power back until Saturday evening. Today life is back to normal…sort of...and hopefully I can get back to the studio and work.

The ice was coating my Christmas lights and on the deck stars that hang all year round.The birch lining our driveway back to the barn were bending with the weight of the ice.

My yellow barn door really stood out with the blue gray ice decorating the trees. The brave horses slept under the run-out sheds. [while we hauled water for them! ] Guess they have us trained!!!

How beautifully the ice hung from the upside down bird bath like a giant mushroom! And I have been waiting to see the twisted branches of my Harry Lander's Walking Stick Bush when stripped of his leaves for winter. How neat it is with the twists and spirals of the branches. Needs to be captured in a I have a feeling it will!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Web Christmas Card to Everyone

Wishing You
The Merriest of Christmases
& A Joyful New Year

Kathi Peters

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Nell

This is the little girl who has stolen our hearts here at Cob Cottage and is filling our days with fun and frolic! Even our Addie has taken to this pup and is mothering her...teaching her how to tend to business and how to herd the cat.
So I am posting this to show everyone what I am 'doing" these days! I am painting when Nell and Addie needless to say..I am not getting much painting done...but this a wonderful vacation from the same old...same old...........
But I am getting commissions done and have started a new casein.......... to rescue the cat!!!.......................

Monday, December 1, 2008

From My Window

Thanksgiving has come and gone and life is getting back to normal [ a bit] at Cob Cottage. We picked up a 10 week old Jack Russell Terrier [or is that terrorist?] on Thanksgiving day to extend our family. Little Xiaolin Nell has won our hearts and even Addie , our 8 year old Welsh Corgi has accepted the new baby. I can't speak for our cat, Mittens.
So because I am having to 'mind the store" so to speak while Little Nell acts like a bull in a china shop....I am having to do my artwork on the first floor living space..and so I am doing pen and ink sketches ...something easy to pick up and lay down at a moments notice! Nell's given name is Xiaolin ...a Chinese name meaning bamboo forest...we have added Nell to her name as it is easier for me to say and remember. And she looks like a Nell.

This pen and ink sketch is 13 by 10 and is done on Strathmore paper. I am putting it up on my website in the Landscapes and Still Lifes Collection.

I will get some pics up on my blog of Miss Nell....but right now I need to rescue the cat!