Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two new Paintings-An Oil and A Casein- Horses and Maine Landscape

I lived through my The Art Of Red River radio blog interview. Hope you  grab a chance to listen to their show....It is like sitting with artists and chatting with them. I enjoyed it!
 "Nubble Point Light House"   Casein on board,    15 x 11"   ©2014 Kathi Peters
I just realized that I had not blogged about 2 new works done and available on my website. The first is a fun casein done of Nubble Point Light House in York, Maine. I used to live right down the road from this light house. Fitting that I should paint it. It is a 15 x 11" casein on illustration board.
The second is an oil painting on canvas. "Undone" is  an 18 x 24" work that metaphorically deals with a feeling of not being "hooked to the carriage" and out off line with life. Might have come to being due to a feeling I have been having lately. I am sure we all have it at times.

"Undone"    Oil on canvas      18" x 24"   ©2014  Kathi Peters
I have had several glorious days working in my it rains and I have been packaging art work to ship out to clients and working on a casein painting that should be done soon.......back to painting!!


ann @ studiohyde said...

Lovely paintings Kathi. Congrats. on the radio interview.

Jenny said...

The Maine scene is beautiful with the warm colors. One usually thinks of Maine as cold. Blues and grays. xoJenny

Kpeters said...

Thanks Ann....It turnout to for a fun experience.....I would do one again.

Kpeters said...

Maine's summer light is warm and lovely.....I see purples and blues in the shadows. Love Maine's light!! So different from Italy's for sure!