Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sketches Are Art -The Carriage Horse

"Carriage Horse"  Charcoal and Gouache on Strathmore Gray Scale paper - 7.5 x 10
The age old profile of a classical horse...a carriage horse..... holds so much strength and nobility if its bearing.
I am playing around with some ideas for some future paintings. "Carriage Horse".... This charcoal and gouache work is now available.
Our weather in mid-coast Maine has been primo of late. Days of brilliant sunshine, with cool nights produced lovely fall foliage to decorate the forest that surrounds our farm. The colors are  now gone. Our horses are reveling in green pastures and bug free grazing. Perfect weather for carriage driving. Not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to do....but lovely never the less. Waiting on the snow to start.
I have more work on my plate than ever and each day I awaken with purpose and joy ......ready to hit the studio and give life to new creations.
Paint and charcoal.... I paint.

Lady Whip

"Lady Whip" , oil on canvas on board, 12 x 12" Sold

Watching horses being harnessed and hitched to their carriage always fascinates me. One can tell a lot about  people around  horses, by just watching how they handle their horses. This lovely scene of a lady whip as she hitches her handsome pair of hackney horses on a hot summer day captured my muse and had to be painted. I worked on this painting over time, working on it a bit, then putting it face to the wall, as I worked on other paintings. It is now done. As soon as I had it done and posted on line, it was “sold”. I am very pleased with that.
Fall has arrived on our farm. Much needed rain has come and quenched the thirsty ground and fall color has exploded in the forest around our fields. Each afternoon I take my JRT, Nell, for a long walk around our fields and through our woods.
Our gardens lay waiting on cleaning before winter sets in. Until that time our resident gleaners are harvesting the drops in garden and orchard. I love fall and all it brings. It brings hint of winter…….
AND It is that time of year when folks ask about commission work. Yes, I do accept commissions. If wanted for Christmas, time is getting close.Don't miss out. And I do give gift certificates, so that someone special can pick out that special painting to grace their walls....or get a painting of their horse or driving turnout.
Christmas IS coming!!  
But for now I wish everyone a happy and blessed Thanksgiving day!
Until then I will paint.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Advice...... Gather No Moss

"Gather No Moss" , mixed media, 12 x 12" copyright 2017

  Always moving it seems. Seldom still. A horse grazes, covering ground in search of food.....and rolls to rid it's self of burdens and bugs.
A scene that is often seen on our farm ....and on farms and plains all across our land.
Like a rolling stone......gather no moss.
This is another in my foray into abstraction work. I will continue to explore my abstraction and representational mix. I hope you like it!
I will paint
"Gather No Moss" is available , and ready to ship to your home.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Painting - Cavallo Nel Campo

"Cavallo Nel Campo", oil ,12 x 12"

  Summer comes and goes too quickly it seems. It feels like only yesterday that we were planting seeds and waiting for them to sprout. Now we spend days mowing grass that grows too fast and trying, in vain, to keep up with the gardens and farm work. Days spent carriage driving at Acadia are few and far between . But I am getting into the studio and am painting and drawing as time allows. I have so many photos to pour over for future I actually look forward to slower days with the coming of fall.
"Cavallo In Campo" [ meaning Horse In The Field in Italian] was inspired by one of our horses, who often just stands watching what is going on in the woods surrounding our fields. He can stand for what seems hours just watching........watching life go by in the world around the world out side of his pasture....his world.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Burro In Harness

"Burro In Harness" , mixed media, 18 x 12"
Long Ears have always fascinated me since I was a child.  I have had ponies, horses. ..big and small over the years. .... Yet I have never had a burro, donkey or ass. I remember the sweet burros that were pulling brightly colored carts on the Canary Islands and Sicily on my first voyage to Europe. This burro was from a locale closer to where I live now. This cute fellow is an American 'Equus Asinus'.....and he is a fine subject.
This mixed media work is done in charcoal, conte and gouache on Strathmore Gray Scale paper. This work is available through Equis Art Gallery in Red Hook, NY.

By Summer's End

"By Summer'sEnd" , mixed media, 18 x 18" copyright 2017

   There have been so many horses that have come into our life over the years. Some we bought. Some we were given and some were born into our arms.  With horse ownership and the love of the horse, comes a lot of responsibilities. I think that when we accept the horse into our life we owe them a promise of security and care for the rest of their life. In this painting I was thinking about that responsibility and hopefully I have captured it metaphorically. The end of summer....a season , a era ending.
 By Summer's End is on gallery wrapped canvas and is ready to hang.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Gelding - A New Painting

"'The Gelding" , Mixed Media,  11 x 14" copyright 2017


This chestnut gelding has the reputation of a saint. He is an honest horse. ....and his honest face always inspires me to want to draw or paint him. He has the look of a horse who is a survivor, who has been through some hard times and has learned how to get to play by the rules.  I wish I knew his story. I wish he could talk and tell me about his life. Maybe by my painting him ,I can capture his soul...and show The Gelding ' s story.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Left Behind

"Left Behind" , oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 10 x 10" ©2017
In the winter , while on a walk with my JRT Nell, we came upon this robin's nest that lay on the cold snow. One blue egg, left behind for some unknown reason, lie still in the nest, unbroken. I carefully carried it and its nest back to my studio. I love doing paintings of different nests, and I loved how this nest had the terre vert colored moss woven into its beautiful structure. I will always wonder why this egg never hatched and why the nest fell where Nell and I saw if it was meant to be.
It's a nice break from rendering set up my own still life images .....and to get lost in the image.
"Left Behind"  is offered ready to hang as it is on gallery wrapped canvas and does not need to be framed.  Shipping and handling, as always, is included in its price for USA sales.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Scavenger's Spoils

"Scavenger's Spoils" , oil , 6 x 6"
  Two robin eggs were left after the farm birds had started thinking about leaving for the warmer south, as summer announced it departure last year.  I kept the nest and the forgotten eggs in the studio, planning on future still life works. It has taken me this long to 'get my act together'.
New eggs have been started since this years arrival of our farm's robins. Life goes on. A new summer has just started too, along with all the promises it brings. Something old. Something new.  "Scavenger's Spoils"

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Painting.....Like A Copper Penny

"Like A Copper Penny" , mixed media, 18 x 18"  copyright 2017


A chestnut horse running in sunshine... in a field colored in beautiful. It's coat of orange shines like a copper penny.
Full of joy!
Again I am exploring abstract landscape....and attacking my subject matter with a more realistic brush. The work is done with charcoal, acrylic and casein. It is a difficult painting to photograph, as it has gold in it the brilliant golden spring sunshine streaming thru the wooded back ground and onto the copper coat of the chestnut horse.
 This painting is offered unframed, but doesn't really need to be framed, as it is on gallery wrapped canvas and is ready to hang. A contemporary look.
Spring is a busy time for us here on our small farm. Gardens are starting to bloom and grass needs mowing. Our carriages and harnesses are coming out of winter storage and time is spent with our horses, getting back to driving. I know trips to the carriage roads of Acadia are in our near future. Life goes on....and it seems to be at lightning fast speed lately.  I try to get into the studio on a daily basis , but must admit that seems to be more sporadic that before.  But I will paint.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Back To The Barn - Four Up At Acadia

"Back To The Barn - Four Up" , watercolor , 9 x 20"
Another watercolor finished of four in hand a turnout seen at Acadia. I can't get enough of them....the power of four horses put to a carriage. So beautiful. This team was almost back to their barn at Wildwood Stables, in Seal Harbor, after being out for a long drive on the carriage roads. So much detail to depict in such a scene....and always the question about what to actually put into the painting and what to leave out, to leave to the viewer's imagination. I think there is just enough detail in this work to capture the beauty of this handsome team.
This painting is now being offered unframed.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I AM Going Somewhere

"Where Ever You Shall Go.." , mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas, 18 x 18"
copyright 2017

This past winter I started exploring my abstract creative side. It has proven to be an exciting foray. I’ve kept the initial start of my abstraction, as an intuitive step forward, onto a blank canvas. I'm working with acrylics and casein. Then I go in with my charcoals to draw the main subject, which I approach with more realism. I have always loved drawing….and my work, in the past, has been more impressionistic realism, but I have always been drawn [no pun intended] to abstract work and the use of pure color to drive intent and exploration. I think I will always have to have an element of realism in my work, but will continue dropping my subject into an abstract landscape, as I paint, splatter and drag color intuitively across the canvas. I hope you are enjoying my new work……and seeing where my journey takes me.
“Where Ever You Shall Go...” is done in mixed media [acrylic, casein, oil and ink]. Two draft horses walked away from me….walking into the abstracted landscape ….a path that draws them into a lovely light that hints of sunlight and trees standing tall. A tall Clydesdale follows the shorter more stocky spotted draft horse…where ever it may go……just as I seem to be following my muse, where ever it shall take me.
 I am pleased to announce that "Where Ever You Shall Go" as been juried into the "Artist's Choice Exhibit at River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine , with an opening reception to be held Friday, May 5th at 5 until 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

Watercolor Coaching Study

"Coaching Study" watercolor and ink, 8 x 12" ©2017

I have always loved the protocol and tradition of coaching. There is an excitement of a team of four horses pulling a coach with passengers dressed in proper attire , and with the bugler sounding the arrival or departure of the coach..... How wonderful.
The reference for this work was provided by friend and photographer Sarah Seaman.....thank you Sarah! I am sure I will do an actual larger finished painting of this beautiful scene.
This smaller watercolor and ink study, "Coaching"  is available on my website now.....
as I work some new work.  I'm painting!

Heading Towards Spring

"Heading To Spring" , copyright 2017

  I  finished "Heading Towards Spring" a bit ago.  This is my first foray into the use of Dura-la drafting film as a substrate and I WILL be doing more. I'm very excited about using this archival , non tearing drafting film as a new substrate in my artistic repertoire. It is good to add to one's artistic skills and this move proves to be a good stretch. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Painting That Is "In Harmony"

"In Harmony"  , mixed media, 12 x 12"  ©2017

A four-in-hand team of Kladruber horses trotted by me on the carriage roads of Acadia. It was during a week of coaching on a bright fall day. The lead horses came down the road, right towards me, and the horses behind them could not be seen , nor could the carriage with its passengers be seen, as they all held onto their hats, when a low hanging branch threated their loosing their hats.  As I went to paint these handsome carriage horses, the woods background, with the sparkling back light, suggested such an abstract statement....I went a bit abstract....using contemporary colors. I'm pleased with how it all comes together and how the colors complement the more realistic equine." In Harmony" is available on my website.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Nor'Easter" , casein , 6 x 6"

     With another Nor'Easter heading our way, I felt driven to paint another snow scene and this scene of a Clydesdale pair in a Maine snow storm fit the bill. The snow falls and builds up on their manes and tails......brrrr....!  This painting, titled Nor'Easter, is now 
 on my website and it is already sold.
We are braced for an 'almost spring' snowstorm and they can be big ones carrying much moisture with heavy snow falls. Our snow shovel was at the ready. The thought that spring is so very near will gave us strength. We will muddled through! AND we shoveled
 And I also painted.  [between the bouts of shoveling.]

New mixed media with abstractions are in the works!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Watercolor - Feeding On The Veldt, Zulu

    "Feeding On The Veldt, Zulu" , watercolor and tempera, 8 x 10.5" copyright 2017

This painting of Africa has been in my private collection for a while. I always dreamt about getting back to see more of Africa, but I don't think it is going to happen. I haven't taken it off my bucket list yet......
This painting is a mixed media work done in tempera, watercolor and pen and ink
This sweet work is available now , unframed. The horses of Africa.

New Casein Painting Of Horses & Snow


"January Snow' , casein on board , 12 x 12"  copyright 2017
We are finally deep in the frozen depths of winter in January, here in Mid-Coast Maine. Our horses are bored to death.... and they seem to be taking their  boredom out on the board fence.  I have been busy finishing up one more  pre Christmas commission that is now done and delivered.  After Christmas time was lost as both my husband and I were sick as dogs for over a month. But now we are out of the woods [so to speak] and life goes on. I am back in the studio each day and Les has been busy moving snow around.
"January Snow" is my latest casein painting finished and is now available on my website. How fitting a subject and title for this time of year!    AND  I am back painting!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Two's Company, Four's A Team

"Two's Company, Four's A Team, oil on board , 12 x 24"

A four in hand of Kladruber horses and their grooms ....unhitching after the drive.
This is a scene from Acadia, a scene captured years ago at Wildwood Stables, but painted recently.
This painting is offered framed in a black and gold and shipping is included in its price.

Friday, January 27, 2017

In The Middle Of Winter

Winter has dropped her blanket of white on our farm. It means more studio time for me, after the shoveling and barn chores are done I head to the studio each day. I love this time of year. The farm and the forest that surrounds our home seem magical, cloaked in white as more snow falls softly from the skies.
I have been busy shipping commission and sold work for clients nation wide. New works are in the making...I hope you will find one that 'grabs you'!

"Arriving Back At The Barn" , watercolor, 9.5 x 20"   copyright 2016
The recent watercolor that I did of a four-in-hand carriage scene, up at Acadia, "Arriving Back At The Barn-Acadia", was sold as soon as it was put up on my website. I'm leaving my watercolors out for future watercolor work.... it feels good to be back into them. But I also will continue my foray into abstraction with representative work.
And so I paint [ in my cozy studio].


"Comrades"  , watercolor , 12 x 14" copyright 2017

All sun bleached and standing in the heat of the day....two handsome Belgian draft horses,and they always make me think of football players...tall and strong.
"Comrades"  is done in watercolor and gouache , and then I went in and hit places with ink at the end.
It is offered unframed. Shipping and handling is included in its price for shipping within the USA.