Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Winds Promise Spring

"Wild Eyed"   Casein on board      12 x 12"
Winter was reluctant to leave Cob Cottage Farm [and Studio] and several snow storms have blown through, [literally] and left us with deep snow to shovel and plow. But time passes, and slowly the promise of spring is creeping into the fields and woods that surround us. I have yet to see a bulb peeking through the ground, but it is a given that this too will happen when the time is right. I have learned over the years that faith can help us weather the worst of times........and so I can sit here, awaiting springs arrival, with faith, that it WILL come.

I have managed to a get some studio time...and a few new paintings have been created.The "Wild Eyed" fellow above was inspired by one of my grandsons....This red head is Max....our eldest grandson.....and soon there will be another painting of his younger brother, Logan, to rival this! What fun these two paintings prove to be!!

"Joy Of Life"         oil on board               6 x 6"

"Mother and Son"        oil on board           6 x 6"
And then the arrival of spring makes me remember all the foals that were born on our farms, here at Cob Cottage and earlier on our Thistle Mead Farm in Pownal, Maine. This make me want to paint foals...and the  spring joy they bring to everyone who sees them. So two small oils came to life on my easel. They are available on my spring foals looking for a good home!!  [Reference photos were provided by friend and photographer Vicki Wright]

If I am not updating fast enough about what has been painted in the studio....Please feel free to join me on Facebook   ......on my Art and Studio Page. Follow me on Facebook!! 

Now back to painting....I am working on a watercolor commission and it is almost done. I need to get it done before the spring buds burst. I have faith that they will, soon .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Three P's Of Being An Artist

"Acting The Fools"           watercolor            11 x 17"  

Sometimes  life gets into the way of good intentions.....and it seems that as been my mantra of late. Maybe I have too much on my plate.....but "my intentions are good!!!

One watercolor, "Acting The Fools",  and one casein of carriage horses at Acadia's Wildwood Stable, "Between Drives" are done... Now   PAPERWORK has taken over my life, and I haven't even started taxes yet! I have so many paintings in my head that need painting, I think I will have to start getting up earlier and stay up later!!

"Between Drives-Acadia"    casein on canvas       8 x 10"

So I work each day waiting for spring to find our little corner of will I know. Ad I want to be ready for it!! So I will plug along with the paperwork,shipping paintings. But wait.............. some good news is that I two paintings headed to the American Academy Of Equine Art's Spring Invitational Exhibit "The Horse In Fine Art". It is always an honor to be invited to have work hang with the some of the best equine artists of today. So I am in the process of packing and shipping those paintings to Kentucky and shipping other works to new collectors .......and hopefully I will actually get to paint!   So back to Paperwork, Packing and Painting.....the 3 P's of being an artist!