Friday, October 31, 2014

My Latest Mixed Media Done - Reverie

"Reverie" , Mixed Media ,  12 x 12"  ©2014

The days outside are getting shorter. The days in the studio are starting to get longer. This is a good thing, as Martha would say......and my muse feels the same way. With three paintings in the works in my small studio, [ and one of those three paintings is big!], I am enjoying my time in the studio and trying to play catch up . It was a lovely summer of gardening and carriage driving, company visiting and I am paying for it now. But that's fine. I  have so many ideas I want to get painted.

The above mixed media work is the latest off my easel. The of our horses, but I believe anyone can relate to a handsome horse looking over a stall door , deep in thought about what their day was about. In this guy's case.......grazing all day!!  "Reverie"  is available on my website, ready to grace someone's art collection.

Did I tell you about my being interview with a national magazine? Hmmmm, if I didn't I will next time. I vow to be up to date with my blogs, ......and I know I am over due for a email newsletter ......stay tuned. I am catching up! AND I am painting!!

Welcome to my studio....Cob Cottage Studio

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