Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Painting Of Old Times


Well, it seems like I have been busier than a bee lately. Seems appropriate considering the season. On the one hand the gardens are begging to be watered, weeded and fed. On the other hand, barn chores are calling......Never mind the fact that I need to paint. Horses need to be driven.... Dog walked. All in good time I guess. 
"Farm Chores" is the latest work to come off the easel. It was prompted by a foray into an old chest that I have full of family photos. One photo of my mother and her cousin feeding chickens seemed to need to be painting. So I took an old black and white photo, edited it and added my own color palette to make the scene my own. It was a stretch, and it is one that I would like to do again. The good old days renewed.
I have new work going down to River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine…..headed there tomorrow. Taking my camera….one never knows what one might see!!
Until then……….I am painting.



Jenny said...

That is adorable!

Kpeters said...

Aren't they so cute. I enjoyed doing this oldie....but goodie.
Thanks Jenny!