Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trivia Galore

Well, I received the new palette and have filled it with some of my casein colors that I use. I almost don't want to touch it now, as it is so nice and pristine. But I know I need to "bite the proverbial bullet" and get down and dirty with it. I just needed to show everyone how nice it looks!! :-)

I have been busy going through the pile of photo shots taken in KY during our visit. Here is a shot of Bobbye and I in front of the American Academy of Equine Art. Bobbye and Ed were our hosts and tour guide during our entire stay. They gave us a royal tour of equine highlights in Lexington and Louisville; and then in Cincinnati we got into the arts and architecture of that great city. We can't thank them enough!

I have been painting some, but the past week was also taken up with caring for our Corgi, Addie, as she tries to get over a bad eye infection. Part of the ordeal is also keeping the puppy, Nell, away from Addie as the poor girl heals. Like kids!

Back to the drawing board now as I finish up a casein painting of a Lexington thoroughbred stallion who posed for me ....I know he wanted to be painted! I am putting the finishing touches on it now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Small Dog Equals Small Casein

This little JRT is our Little "Nell" on our deck, as she watched the comings and goings of the birds from their feeders behind the house, this past winter. It kept her occupied on warm winter days. This casein on canvas is only 4 x 4" and it will be put up on my website.

I work in my studio this Memorial Day listening to the wind whipping outside and knowing that tonight I need to cover all our annuals and veggies that have been planted due to the predicted frost. This is a common occurance in Maine....It is only spring still!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Our flag is flying high this weekend. It actually flies all the time. But today we stop and take time to honor the veterans and to also remember family and friends who have past. We all are indebted to the veterans who fought for our freedom... in America and abroad, in the past and still today. Some of them are from my family.....and today is a day to take time to remember them and what they have given for us and future generations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Our spring is in full swing here in Maine..finally. My lilacs are perfuming the air and my perennial gardens give me so much joy ...either looking at them ..or working in them. Every year I say I will not get anymore new plants, but I can't stop myself from picking up some new flowers or ground-covers to round everything out! So far this spring I have added a new bleeding heart and a different Monks Hood. Don't ask me varieties..I just know color!! Years ago I worked in a commercial green house, and then for a nursery, but names escape me now. I just know color!!

This above is my "Look Into Garden", with the first blooming old fashioned lilac. I look down into this garden from my kitchen windows and it is a joy all year long with interesting landscape even in the middle of winter.

And then below, the view now from my studio, shows the round veggie garden that we separated with an arbor that will be shaded with grape, clematis and then morning glories later in the season.I get to look out at the horses as they graze in their fields. Mares on one side ...geldings on the other.

Now I better get back to work on painting on this glorious day of remembering and honouring!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back Doing What I Do Best

I enjoy my family, our home, gardens, life ! And everyday I feel blessed with this life and the life experiences I have had. And because I am feeling such a Pollyanna today, I have to admit I am SOOO lucky being an artist, painting what I love and having folks who enjoy my work.

The crab apple tree outside my studio window is all in blossom with sweet smelling flowers and even the plum trees have blossoms...not as many as last year. This will mean less plums to harvest for us. But the birds will have their crab apples to eat all through next winter.

But for today I don't want to think about next winter. Last year's Maine winter is still to vivid in my memory!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Touring Thru Kentucky And Solo Show

May 2009 is a very month busy it seems. I feel as if it has me sort of hanging on to my hat!

Our trip to Lexington has come and gone and I am still dizzy with all the images captured in my head and on film from the whirlwind tour of Lexington, the Kentucky Horse Park, the horse farms and Keeneland and then over to Louisville and Churchill Downs…then following the Ohio River back to Cincinnati [Actually out side of Cincinnati in Ryland, KY.]

Here is a photo of Bobbye and I hamming it up at KHP! [me on left]

The opening reception at Gallery B of my solo show was fun, looked great and brought sales…. and after the opening we were taken out to dinner by the Gallery owners…to an Italian Restaurant,” Portofino”. Very appropriate for me, I am thinking!!! Portofino is one of my most favorite spots on the Mediterranean coast.
Me [a very tired me] and Marci
One wall of my show at Gallery B

On Saturday morning Marci, the director of Gallery B met us at our hotel and we headed out for a tour of Daly Farm, Sheik Mohammed of Dubai’s stud farm where I was able to get some great shots of some of the Thoroughbred industries best stallions…
[i.e. Bernardini, Hard Spun, Holy Bull, Rockport Harbor] courtesy of Gallery B! From there we headed out to Keeneland to grab a hearty breakfast at the famous racetrack restaurant. We walked around the stables and the grounds of Keeneland for more shots that I know will give me reference for future paintings. Then off we went to tour Cobra Farm and the broodmares and new foals. I also got some new JRT shots…great!! Then we headed to Louisville and Churchill Downs for afternoon races… a bit of betting …and a Mint Julep of course!

On Sunday we were back at Ryland and so went into Cincinnati and “did” the Art Museum and our hosts, Ed and Bobbye Winterberg gave us a grand tour of the city highlights. I loved the Victorian brick townhouses there along the Ohio River! We got to enjoy an art fair in a park along the riverside. And then to celebrate Mothers Day we headed to an Indian restaurant and pigged out on curry and Nan!!

I have a wealth of new reference shots to create from…. and I happy to be back in the studio and working on ideas. I arrived back to several new commissions, new show invites and looks like the summer is going to be busy.

Today I delivered my above casein of my mom riding a's titled "Poor Girls Pony" to the 2009 Festival of Art at the Huchinson Center in Belfast. Maine. That show opens today May 14th through May 17. Tomorrow we got to the opening reception for Jamie Wyeth's new show at the Farnsworth in Roclkand, Me.
Yes..very busy!
I guess I wouldn’t want it any other way!!!