Monday, November 17, 2014

One Oar - A Painting And My Life

It is difficult rowing a boat with one oar, but that is actually the scene I saw on our Maine coast and that I painted in one of my latest works. It seems to be a metaphorical description of my life lately. Right now I am working with ‘one oar”.  ….Actually I am working with one good eye, having just gone through cataract surgery. What a different a day makes. With one new lens implanted in one of my cataract clouded eyes, I am now looking at a world that is bright with wonderful whites in my left eye. My right eye awaits its turn, as it still sees a gray and yellowish world. I am wondering how this will affect my paintings. I have had a hard time painting details, mixing colors…..even seeing. I am excited about what I can see now out of one eye…..!! Can you imagine how it will be when both eyes are seeing a brand new world ?
So until then…..I will be rowing with “One Oar”.   This painting is available on my website.
Thank you for your interest in my art!!

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