Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Continues And I Paint

"Ground Driving"  casein on canvas  6 x 6"  SOLD

 Each weekend of late has presented us with another major snow fall. Last weekend was no exception.But Monday morning dawn sun-filled and a brilliant white landscape delighted the eye!! I am so grateful for the sunny days where spirits are raised and snow is shoveled......preparing us for the next event!

While it snowed, I retired to my studio and I took our my casein paints and did 2 smaller works depicting scenes  from my life."Ground Driving"  has sold and been shipped to it's new home already. The second is being varnished , then it is ready to go.

"Between Drives At Acadia"  casein on canvas    10 x 8"

I love the gentle giants who pull the carriages
over the carriages road at Acadia National Park.If you have been following my blog fora while you probably know that driving horses and Acadia have been a big part of my life. We are so looking forward to actually getting up to Acadia with our own new pair of  horses this spring. We are SO ready for spring!!

But until then....Nell is trudging through the snow that newly fell on our deck....wondering where a JRT can lay and bask up the sun while it is out...where?... with all this snow covering our world today!!

Nell wants sun....spring!  ©2013 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Passing On The Love

"Be My Valentine"  casein    8 x 6"    Sold

 t is that time of year already. Again!! Seems the past weeks have flown by, even if plagued a bit by a case of cabin fever. But last week was productive and full of fun and adventure, literally and artistically. Though this painting done last year...  is a perfect work to use for today's celebration......SO a big old grateful Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog followers , the collectors of my artwork, friends and fellow artists!!  This Jack with attitude is a wonderful subject...and his owners are very special people.....Thank you so much Dia and Sydney!!! and of course The Wonderful Forrest Gump!!!!  

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And Then It Snowed

February's  Nor' Easter  the view from my studio
It snowed and the wind blew and when it was all over our early February Northeaster snow storm left us with over 2 feet of white....and in blowing, created snow drifts over 5 feet high. The horses could not get out of their stalls ......and we were facing days of shoveling to get them out. But good friends make good neighbors, and a friend ,who is also our" plow guy", showed up and punched the snow back from the sides of our barn, with his truck....sparing us the chore. So the horses finally got out to enjoy the deep fluffy snow.

A squirrel has taken up housekeeping in one of our bird houses....  

"Warning Signs"    charcoal & Conte Sketch on paper 

 In between shoveling snow and shoveling stalls, I did a conte and charcoal sketch of "Warning Signs" ....I just needed to get away from the paint for a good bit. It always jump kicks my muse to change medium....change method. It was fun and I have added the sketch to the Sketches and Studies page on my website. And then I got out my watercolors and I did a painting of the Morgan boys acting the fools....a scene that presented itself when the horses were turned out  after the big storm...... "Acting The Fools" , a  11 x 17" watercolor, will be up on my website as soon as I get a good photo of it.....but here it is in it's last stages.....all most done!!

"Acting The Fools"  , watercolor , 11 x 17" © kathi peters 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mad-Cap Self Portrait

"Angry Gull"   Watercolor and Ink     5 x 5"
I have been working on commission work and when I hit a wall with where a painting was going [ That does happen sometimes with artists you know!!]  I was sort of mad at my silly old self....and did a quick fun self portrait where I ended up looking a lot like an Maine seagull........One of those 'AH HA' moments!!

Knowing that you want to know the big is so sale!! "Angry Gull" is NOW on my website!