Sunday, March 30, 2008

From The Loft 1 And 2

This idea came to life a while ago.

First I finished the casein and acrylic painting above and liked it. The concept excited back I went up into our barn hayloft this winter and came up with the design for a second painting, same size [16 x 20"] and medium. The composition called for a vertical format for the second painting. I just finished it today and was able to shoot it with the digital before I varnish it. I can get a better photo of it before it is varnished . Casein is a lovely paint to get prints from, as the paint has a matte and velvety finish. But I wanted to protect these works with varnish, as they will not be framed by me. Having been done on gallery wrapped canvas, they are ready to hang without a frame.

The above painting is titled "From The Loft-Summer". The black horse depicted is my special man , Imperial Dominator D., a now 28 year old man, turning gray...but still the head of the herd on our farm and our resident grouch. Dom and I have logged about 1000 competitive miles over his [and my] lifetime. And as I said, he is my 'main man'. He and I have a very special relationship that has grown over the many miles of trail we have covered in the past. I know him so well.

"From The Loft-Winter" depicts my black Tennessee Walker gelding , Duster. Duster is 22 this year. I find it is hard to believe how fast time has gone. It seems like yesterday that Duster was born on our Pownal farm and I was there with his mother "Ebony" when he arrived. He has been a good boy all his life ...even if a bit too to eager to do his job at times. He and his buddy Dom are my models for all my "Shades of Black" series.

It seems I have a non-ending source of inspiration here on Cob Cottage Farm.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Welsh Cob Filly

Our Sec. D Welsh Cob filly [Thistle Mead Margret] will be 4 this April. She is often a model for me and inspires me to paint and draw her. This is a 8 x 8" study that I did today for a painting that I will be starting soon. 'Maggie' is a beautiful bay,with red highlights in her mane and tail...and an attitude that says 'I am a princess and very important.' Her training has started and will be continued if the weather ever improves. In the meantime Miss Maggie is enjoying being a lazy princess and best friend to my Tennessee Walker gelding Sundust's Glory Boy B. [aka "Duster"]

And I will continue to be inspired by the Welsh princess., our Miss Maggie.

Friday, March 28, 2008

And So, Where Is Spring?

According to the calendar it is officially spring. Tell that to the robins who are looking for worms hidden under 3 more inches of the white stuff! And now the wind is starting to blow.

Poor birds!

The above is a quick casein with watercolor and pen and ink thrown in for good measure. I just grabbed what seemed right at the moment. I call it "Part Cob". It is a painting of a driving horse who lived near our farm when we lived in Pownal, Maine. It is available for purchase, but it will not be put on my website.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lofty Ideas

I am sitting here trying not to fall asleep……………I have been working on my taxes…late for me this year. But I kept putting it off. Other things got in the way…like working on a painting that I was really excited about! I can’t get excited about taxes.

My artwork going to two invitational shows…one in California [‘The Grand National’ at the Cow Palace] and the second in Missouri [‘The Horse In Fine Art’ at the Columbia Art League] has been picked up my by carrier and CD music plays, easy listening elevator type music that is helping to put me to sleep…I think I need to change it!! There! Now Corinne Bailey Rae is wafting her blues through the studio! Much better!

I have been working on two paintings and am working in both casein and acrylic. It is a new mix for me…but I think I like it! The work above is a 20 x 16 piece and is another of my ‘from the loft’ works that are becoming a series. This is one of our black horses as seen from the loft in winter. It is not done…but will be soon. I will repost it when done.

The second painting is a 12 x 12” racing piece…same method, casein and acrylics, but on canvas board this time. I like the way my glazes work with this mix…but for now I NEED to finish my taxes.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hills and Valley

Another dream scape..........pen and ink and conceived in my comfy chair......
It is not because I have been lazy of is more because I have been putting full days on business and the farm......and these little works are a way of relaxing.
This work is done in pen and ink on a ivory archival mat board. It is 15 x 12" and is available.
Just ask!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pen and Ink from my Chair

So much time has been taken with packing artwork for shows, labeling, filling out paperwork......... I need time to play.

So today I sit with my Corgi and make up landscapes.....This little pen and ink is called "Falling Falling". On our Maine farm we have a small orchard and this is a loose rendition of our plum I see them, while sitting with my back to them , in my comfy chair. Not what one would call "plein aire"!! But on a windy chilly March day...this will do very well!

These little pen and inks are able for purchase.. but will not be put on my website.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Black Pair

This 16 x 20" casein is done, varnished and good to go.

The two driving horses were at Acadia this last summer when we were up there to go driving with friends. I had to paint them......big and handsome men that they are!

Most of my day has been taking up with varnishing paintings and doing paperwork. My how that is tiring. Makes me want to take a nap! Sounds like a plan..................

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jack Russell In Charge

This is a casein of a subject who I have painted before. Sitting by his owner in the car, and making sure they are headed in the right direction, this JR is in charge. I have painted this same scene in watercolor, but I was asked to do it in casein...and I always do what I am asked. Yeh, right................

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Morgan-In Harness

Last fall at the Skyline Farm's Maine Carriage Day I was able to get some lovely photos to use for reference material for paintings to be done over the winter time. I just finished this graphite study of a beautiful head study of a Morgan in harness. The watercolor will follow as time allows. If this winter continues as it has for the past month.....then I will be forced to stay working in my studio. Maybe that is a good thing as I have several works in the making and ideas galore of what to do next!

I been invited to participate in the prestigious annual Grand National Art Show & Sale at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA. ..... where more than 500 pieces of western & equestrian themed art will be displayed showcasing over 100 artists from around the World, I have to get my artwork packed and shipped. Show dates are April 4th through April 12th 2008. You can get more information at the Cow Palace website.

And then work packed and shipped to the Invitational "2008 Horse in Fine Art" Exhibition that is being presented by The American Academy of Equine Art to be held at The Columbia Art League, Columbia, MO and The Wildlife Experience Museum, Parker,CO.

I am headed out to clean stalls now.............. no glory there..but a labor of love.