Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Driven in Process

I have been working on this 16 x 20" casein on board most of the day between walking dogs,cleaning stalls, laundry and writing press releases. A woman's work is never done....especially this woman! I have a hard time understanding people who say they are bored with their lives....walk a mile in my shoes!
While walking the pups in the backyard I noticed that my Egyptian Onions are up and growing in my circle veggie garden! How I love the surprises that spring brings...all the bulbs and perennials popping up...new birds at the feeders and singing from the trees surrounding our cottage.
Heh.......LIFE IS GOOD!
...........and this casein painting of the white horse is almost done!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Moment In Time

I do like doing commissions, but I have to admit some grab your heart more than others. The above casein commissioned portrait [ 18 x 18"] of a young woman and her beautiful American Saddlebred horse was one of those commissions where I was really inspired by the beauty of both the owner and her "Tiffany". The work was commissioned by the husband without his wife's knowing about it. He provided me with a portfolio of photographs, none of them really showing the scene that he wanted painted. But he did provide me with enough images to work from, so I could construct the "Moment In Time " that he envisioned....and as he explained what he wanted, I immediately saw the image in my mind's eye. There was so much movement in the walking horse and the way I was able to play the light through the background trees and onto the horse and owner....the painting came together the way I wanted it to!

I have held off posting this until the painting present was presented on the wife's birthday. The painting now hangs in their home in Ohio.

This year I am accepting only a few commissions and focusing more on original works. I have a very busy year ahead...but as Martha says "That is a good thing!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Commission of an Old Friend

Yesterday I spent a good portion of my afternoon at the my framer's getting frames picked for works going to shows and for finished commissions. One work was the above watercolor of 'Tootie'..what a wonderful loving and happy fellow he was ...he always had a hearty hello whenever I visited his home and "parents". A perfect furkid! He is much missed...and I only hope this watercolor does him justice.

The two casein works below are the ones that are going down to the American Academy Of Equine Art's show at the Rolex in April,and are being framed and made good to go! I only wish I was going with them...but my trip to Lexington, KY. is planned for later in May. For now my two works will have to represent me on their own!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Dream Vacation?

I have started a Facebook page and have been meeting tons of new friends from all over the world. Artists work in an isolated environment and so while suffering a bit from cabin fever this late winter, I got “poked” into starting Twitter and Face book.
The reason I mention this is because one new friends is from England, and she has told me about a vacation idea where one could rent a horse and wagon…a gypsy cob and Vanner wagon. What a great idea that would be. And Les could do the driving and I would just sit and enjoy the scenery!!! At a nice slow pace. A step back in time! How lovely that would be!

The lovely Gypsy Vanner’s and Cobs are so neat. I can appreciate their strength and classic confirmation. We own Cobs and I never tire looking at them. Or painting them. I did the above watercolor of this Gypsy Vanner, and threw in some tempera to do the details of the wagon. You can see a
larger image of this on my website.So while I work in my studio today my imagination takes flight and I am discovering the English countryside and listening to Sting!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Up and Coming

While I sit working on dreaded taxes and trying to get my "filing system" in order..[?]..I keep looking at this photo that is going to be my next "From The Loft" series painting. Why? Because I like the abstract effects in the photo and I want to play with the design elements.
I am trying to make excuses why I should be painting. Sometimes life does get in the way. And the big date April 15th looms large.
While I work upstairs in my studio not doing taxes, Nell amuses herself on lookout... from the back of the couch.... for stray turkeys. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it! Addie [the Corgi] is sleeping..she needs her beauty rest! Nell on the other hand [resident JRT] is wide awake and itching for a fight! Look out turkeys!
Me? ...I am working!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Leader of The Pack Finished

This mixed media painting on canvas ,18 x18" is done and as it was done with casein, pen and pastels I will be having it glassed and framed. I have had fun exploring this combination of milk based casein paint and pastels on the canvas. Casein goes down smoothly over the Colourfix primer and then the pastels' pure pigment floats it seems on the casein and primer base.
"Leader of The Pack" will be put into my website and is available.

Now for today and however long it takes..my desk is cleared and I am doing the inevitable taxes.
Oh, how I avoid this chore each year!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

More For The Shade of Black Series

Instead of doing things I should be doing..like paperwork and other sundry stuff..I did this casein for the "Shades of Black Series / Winter". This is a 12 x 12 casein and has lovely peachy colors in it and lots of blue.
I have also been working on the bigger image of my mom on her pony and that is almost done. It too will be a 12 x 12" work, but this time it is a mixed media...with some casein and acrylic in the mix...and pen and ink!
I have booked my flight down to Kentucky for May and the opening reception of my art show on the 8th. We are planning on getting to a few horse farms while there for photo 'ops' and the Kentucky Horse Park too. Granted it will be a whirlwind week...but I am still looking forward to it!
Now after having taken some time off to be sitting in the sun with the dogs...back to work...on yes!!! The Taxes! I promise!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Pony

My mother always thought she wanted to be a equestrian. She took any chance she could get to get on a horse, pony, even a pig! When a photographer, leading a small pony, roamed the streets of her home town , she begged her mother to get her picture taken on the photographer's pony. Her mother succumbed to her demands and I have the old faded photo of my mother "The Equestrian".
But I have called this small casein "The Pony"...what a hero this little pony was..foundered at some point in his life...but still giving children the thrill of their lives..to sit on a pony and get their photo taken!
I can remember begging my mother to let me sit on the carousel horses that stood outside of stores, pay your nickle and get a ride...mind you I had a real pony at home to ride whenever I wanted..but there was some attraction to the motorized pony in the store front!
This small "gem" of a painting "The Pony", can be seen on my website.....
Now I am headed down to clean the stalls of the four alive and non-motorized "ponies" on our farm.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coming Together Fine!

There has been so much happening in my life over the past few months. I am feeling a bit over whelmed by it all. But I have been handling it one day and step at a time… so here goes …………!

Starting with an opening in Belfast, Maine of an art show at Aarhus Gallery on March 6th which brought a VERY full house. I have one of my mixed media paintings from My Family Series is showcased there. “How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm?” is an 8 x 6” fun look at my Pennsylvania family. I am working on some more of these.... a trip into my past and ancestry.... and it’s a fun trip. It is a step out of my normal subject matter and my focus, but I don’t think you will be disappointed with it. It is innovative and thought provoking. Some say there is certain nostalgia to these works.

Also I have been invited to several invitational exhibits that are being organized by The American Academy of Equine Art. You can see several of my works during The Rolex in April at the AAEA’S building opening April 24th through May 1, 2009.”Start of a New Day” and “Waiting Your Turn” both are being sent to Lexington for the Rolex show.

And then there is another invitational show on Mackinac Island, MI. titled “Pulling Their Weight - Draft and Carriage Horses in Fine Art” from July 15 thru 20, 2009.

AND THEN.... I have a ONE-MAN SHOW coming up in Lexington, KY. in May, titled "Finding My Voice"...at
Gallery B. I will be there for the opening reception on May 8th, 2009 from 5-8pm. I hope you can make it! The show will last through the month of May. A portion of the sales from this exhibit will be donated to The Stroke Foundation. I hope this show can raise stroke and aphasia awareness!

I will also be having work hanging at Equidae Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY. again this summer. And I will be doing a demonstration there "of painting with casein", date TBA .the dates can be seen on my events page on my website. Come and talk to me!!

AND FINALLY, last but not least!...…an interview with me, covering my oeuvre of equine artwork, has come out in ART HORSE MAGAZINE.... and it is so neat to see my work showcased so nicely. And at such a good time! This magazine is an art publication that only comes out twice a year and highlights one equine artist and art photographer in each issue, along with several interesting articles about art or history concerning the horse. A good read! I recommend it and not just because of the article about “MOI”…it is full of good reading!

That’s the story so far…. It’s coming together to be a great year!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Sunbathers

The wind howls around the house, but the pups are cozy basking in the sun. Nell keeps lookout for turkeys in the yard. Addie snoozes.... Life is good.
I saw this scene and have to capture it. My good friend and fellow artist Karen Pettengill just did a painting of her Koda dog sleeping in the sun....and our scene here so reminded me of her painting!
Check out her work!

I am waiting on the farrier now, the horses' feet need trimming...another sign of spring. I don't want to get into a painting and then have to stop when he arrives..so I am posting this for my blog event of the day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leader Of The Pack

This 18 x 18" mixed media piece on canvas is coming together okay...I am feeling that I need some work on 'movement' around the hounds and then I will back away and call it good. Working with the casein and pastels as been interesting to say the least. I have pushed the envelope a bit and plan on trying others in the near future...as time permits. I have a lot on my proverbial plate at the moment. I need to get some carriage driving artwork done.

Today the outside beckons with sunlight and birds singing their spring songs...tomorrow we will have a winter mix of rain and sleet. That kind of mixed "media" I can do without, thank you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Bit Over Whelmed

There has been so much happening the past few weeks...I am feeling a bit over whelmed by it all. All I need is for the snow to melt too fast and have all the gardens looking to have my care too and I will be panic-ed!! But I don't see that has happening ..seeing we still have two feet of white stuff to get rid of! I think Mother Nature is cutting me some slack!
The opening for a Belfast, Maine Art show at Aarhus Gallery was held last Friday evening to a VERY full house.I had one of my mixed media painting of My Family Series showcased there. I am working on some more of these.... a trip into my past and ancestry....and fun.

I have four shows I have been invited to....and a personal show coming up in Lexington, KY. in May titled "Finding My Voice"...at Gallery B.

The interview with me, covering my oeuvre of equine artwork, has come out in
ART HORSE MAGAZINE.... and it is neat to see my work showcased so nicely..and at such a good time!

That being said....I am heading back into my paints and pastels ..yes, pastels....interesting combination..and the hunter painting....and I am starting a new driving work. If ONLY I could just paint.....and not have to do the paper work that goes with all this 'artist's life".............. a necessary evil! Heh ...the sun is out! A good omen!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

What I Do When The Snow Falls

And I have been doing a lot of it lately.. CREATE!!... as we get hit with yet another round of snow and wind and cold!! The only hope that keeps me sane is the fact that winter is almost over and under all the snow sleeps my perennial gardens...and I will be digging in dirt and transplanting soon!! [After all this snow melts!]
The above "work-in-progress painting is a 18 x 18" on canvas that was started in casein and I am into it now with pastels. It is coming along 'smashing-ly' and I can't get enough of it! The hunt reference shot was provided by a fellow EAG-er ...I just loved the way the tails of the hounds fill the air and wag throughout the composition. I have changed things a bit for my purpose..but still the tails wag!
My dogs were just walked and love the new snow....all I see of Nellie, the JRT, is her butt most of the time. She is hunting varmints under the white blanket.....Addie, our PWC , is busy rolling around in the snow.....to each their own!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

44N 69W:Radius Belfast

I havn't really been doing much showing in the local scene, but I did take one of my new mixed media family painting to the Belfast show “44N 69 W: Radius Belfast” yesterday.
That will hang at the Aarhus Gallery in Belfast through March 29, 2009. The opening reception is March 6th, 5 – 8 pm. I plan to be there…would love to see you all there!!!
This is the painting that I submitted…”How Ya Going To Keep Them Down On The Farm”…you know the song that asks… that after they see Paris?? [PAREE?] You have to see this one to believe it! And it is a small painting..only 8 x 6". But it is framed BIG! [ Not really!]

AND GUESS WHAT…. it’snowing OUT! Our weekly snowstorm promising 6 to 12 inches!