Sunday, January 13, 2019

He's A Corker

  An equine with attitude. A get it done man who is built to last.
I loved the sun light glow on his muscled body and how bright his interest was on things going on around him.
Christmas has come and gone. Our snow has come and gone.....and now here comes our New Year.
I want to take this time to thank everyone who enjoys, follows and buys my art. Without you I wouldn't be here.
I look forward to another exciting year of creating paintings, being around horses and getting to meet new people
and new collectors of my art work.
Happy New Year Everyone!!

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Grassy Road Seems Like Heaven

"The Grassy Roads" , oil , 12 x 12"  copyright 2018
There is a carriage road at Acadia National Park that is not like the other carriage roads that meander through the park. This road is not made of crushed rock that the horses clip clop along ......but this road is covered with green grass and runs through forest and granite embankments dressed in wild flowers and blueberry bushes. The horses quietly trot through this road, so peacefully with the only noise the clink of chains on the carriage, if there are chains, ......and the singing of the birds in the trees. It seems magical. And what could be more magical than to be riding behind a team of white horses. Thus.... "The Grassy Road" came into being.
This painting is framed in a black floater frame.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Special Sale Of My Artwork Going On At Equis Art Gallery This Month

"Rolling In The Deep", mixed media, 12 x 12"

Beginning the beginning of April and continuing for a month, all of my in-stock works at Equis Art Gallery of Red Hook,  NY, (excluding my papercuts) are specially priced at 25% less then the regular retail. Discount taken at the time of sale. Click here to see the full group of works available - Kathi Peters
 “This is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a work, or works, for your collection by one of the gallery's most well respected artists at 3/4 of their current pricing. Do not miss out. Contact the gallery at or 845-758-9432 to arrange a purchase.”  Equis Art Gallery
"Before The Race #5" , mixed media on paper, 9 x 12"

Monday, April 9, 2018

Signs Of Spring

"Signs Of Spring" , oil on gallery canvas, 8 x 10" copyright 2018
We have raised several foals on our farm....two Tennessee Walking colts and two Welsh Cob foals, a filly and a colt. I have painted them all over the years. I could not get through this spring without foals. So I have painted some.....not ours this time. I do miss having our own foals running around the farm, but I can paint them.
This fine foal is feeling the joy that is spring, in a world with sweet new green growth and blue skies. He's looking for his forever  home! 
 This oil painting is on gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang on your wall.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Small Oil Commission - Oak Forest In Fall


"Fox In The Oaks"- Commisiioned oil on copper 6 x 8" copyright 2018

First commission of the year is finished and framed, ready to ship out next week to its new home. Usually a commission portray a clients favorite equine friend, a four legged fur-kid, canine or feline, or a person. Yes, and  I have even painted an osprey with his nest for a repeat client......but painting an oil of an oak forest, that was out of the client imagination, was a first! We worked together , virtually 'putting our heads together" and this is the forest that she envisioned and I captured. She wanted an oil on copper and so that is what I went with. A sneaky fox was added into the mix. The painting came together and we are all happy.
Our winter has been hard so far. The older I get, the harder it is to maintain a horse farm and pursue my art endeavors. I've been dibbing and dabbing at work.....painting more works in my head than what have been actually put to canvas or paper. I've painted a lot in my sleep too. But I imagine that doesn't count in one's actual body of work.  I know spring is coming. So stay tuned.
I will paint!
And if you are so inclined as to pursue my producing a commissioned work for your walls.......your vision.....let's talk. I am easy to work with.

The Net

"The Net" , casein on board, 12 x 12" copyright2018


While watching the draft carriage horses at the stables, as they were being hitched to the carriages they would be pulling to take the summer tourists on their  trip across the carriage roads of Acadia, I was attracted to the fly nets that covered their bodies. I liked the way their lines covered the hefty bodies of the horses. I liked that it was a non-chemical solution for deterring bothersome flies the hefty draft horses. I liked how the way the simple thin delicate lines created interest on the horses'  muscled bodies. And I love the abstract design that I captured in the photos that I took as we readied our horses to go out on our drive.
Thus this painting.
 I know spring is somewhere out we just experienced yet another snow storm. I am grateful for the hours I am able to sneak out of a day from taking care of home and hearth and barn chores. The eternal hope of spring helps.
Until then.....I paint.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Young Does On Our Farm

"Young Does" charcoal  on Strathmore Gray Scale paper , 9 x 12"

Often, on my walks around our farm , I come upon wildlife that share our woods. These young deer were grazing on a patch of green that grows in our over grown woods. I've captured them in charcoal.... maybe to paint at some future point.
 This sketch has been sold.