About Me

Design and composition are main elements in my paintings. Whether I am portraying an equine or canine scene, a commissioned portrait or a local landscape of the Maine countryside where I live and work, the play of light and shadow are important elements in the finished composition.
I have been categorized as an American Contemporary Realist, with my work bordering on Impressionism...& with the combination of contrasting values, bright color and design heightening the emotional content of my work. A strong abstract element in my work is not achieved at the expense of its realistic detail.   I work in casein mostly...... a medium not often used by artists today. 

But I am not not limited to casein, and also do watercolor works and paper-cut drawings.And have started getting back into oils after years of avoiding them.But today I paint in oils on the support of copper panels. The result is there is a brilliance and warm glow in the finished product that canvas can not produce. 
 You can see more of my artwork on my website.
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My Artist's Statement

I find beauty in the ordinary details of my daily life— our horses running free, the reflection of the surrounding world in the blinkers of a driving horse, moonshine on a leather harness, the echo of sun on a chestnut bay, and the lines of a tousled mane. In my gardens, the flowers, with their myriad of colors, splash across my landscape,  and the sun and shadows dance on it. Wildlife cross our fields in their everyday pursuit of existence. The rocky coast  of Maine calls to me.  These pictures fill my mind... and ask to be painted.  But more often than not, horses are my subject of choice.
And whether I work in transparent watercolor with delicate, luminous wash and fine line; in casein on canvas with thick impasto brush strokes in vivid colors; or in oil on copper panels; each work tells a story or invokes a memory of a scene or past experience, and hopefully touches a heart. 

"My treasures neither clink or glitter, but gleam in the sunlight and neigh in the night." non

My website is http://www.kathipeters.com/
I accept a limited number of commissions each year. Contact me through my website if interested. I would be happy to talk to you about your ideas............. www.kathipeters.com/contact