Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Having Studio Fun And Learning

With new ink and pens sitting waiting for some time for me... I toot a few days for doing fun things with them. One work done was a 9 1/2 x 9 1/2" sketch of my granddaughter Jackie. If she lived closer, I would love to have her as a model more often. But this was done from a photo and that had to do. It is a work closer to works what I did years ago when I lived in Italy. It is fun and loose. I need to do these more often. I promised myself that I would!

Then when I was looking through old photos for inspiration for new paintings , I came across a scene I wanted to sketch. It was a photo of a statue that had intrigued me on one of our trips to Saratoga Springs, NY ,  where I had work with Equidae Gallery. I loved the statue's up held arm with the fingers bend and one finger missing. I loved the flowers clutched to her breast. So another  pen and ink came to life.

It was enlightening to get back into pen and ink...and it has me exciting about some new ideas I have for future works.....

But now ......back to painting!

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