Monday, October 31, 2011

Paintings Of Kentucky Done In Maine

"Foal From The Farm"       Casein     5 x 5"
Winter came early.With leaves still left on the deciduous trees a heavy wet winter storm covered the farm here in Maine with a taste of what is coming in the next few weeks.That was on Saturday night.This Monday most of our snow is gone...the grass is green or ice covered.Time to get ready for the hours of studio time that winter affords me. Most of today I have been busy packing done works away and making room for new works to come.....and getting rid of some old work too. A cleansing of sorts. Maybe it is also the nesting syndrome?

One of the new works done is a small gem...5 x 5".... and is offered in a gold wooden frame. "Foal From The Farm" is one of Cobra Farm of Lexington, KY's foals....all cozy in a nest of sorts it seems. And then I also did a small oil on copper of the wonderful barn at the Red Mile race track in Lexington,KY. This is a 8 x 6"  and is also offered framed and shipped for free within the USA . "The Barn At Red Mile" is on my website.

Now back to rearranging the studio.....right after taking a fresh air break with Nellie.I am going to walk the dog!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Immortalizing The Chippie

"Little Chippie"     Casein       6 x 6"
Nellie and I have a certain chipmunk who likes to chatter at us when we are working in our garden. He darts in and out of the rock wall that surrounds the garden, then he is up the tree and throwing crab-apples down. Nellie has declared an out and out war with said chippie.I chose to paint him. There is a gray squirrel family that lives in our woods too...they are raiding our bird feeders. Nellie is waring with the squirrels too. I will do a painting of the squirrels. But for now the small casein painting of "The Chippie" is up on my website and available.

I also painted a small landscape of an old barn that is down the road from us.This barn was shelter for an old appaloosa horse and a small mismatched herd of cows.I drive by this barn a lot and always wanted to paint I did.This 6 x 8" oil is also on my website and offered frmaed and ready to hang.

"The Shade Barn"  Oil      6 x 8"

Les and I have been busy painting the house,.....still. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have had a bit of time in my studio, but not enough to get into anything big or complicated. Soon I will be able to......I can't wait!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dressage, Oil Paint and Cats Hunting

"Tempi Changes"   oil on board       6 x 6" 
A beautiful day out today in our part of Maine......I sit with the door open,the sun spilled in and the air is filled with the sound of the wind blowing through the defrocked trees, stripped of their fall color, the rustling leaves blow across the lawn and into my gardens. I want to head out to plein air paint today. It is too beautiful a day to stay in.

I just did this small 6 x 6" oil of a dressage scene shown above. I have explored before. I often do this, re-explore a previous work, tweak it, change colors, approach. This small painting will be available on my website in the Small Works section.

While was outside this morning our Mittens went hunting.She has spent most of the morning stalking a chipmunk.....I am doing a small casein of this chippie.....Mittens is determined that she will be having a chipmunk dinner soon. I will immortalize him for prosperity.

But for the time being...the chipmunk runs around storing food for winter, Mittens waits for the perfect meal [in her eyes] and I am going out to paint or sketch.....out into the sun!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At Last

They popped today it seems!
This morning I awoke to see Fall had finally arrived.while I was sleeping.The loft window looked out on the farm with it's garland of  autumn color. Even though it also means that soon snow will arrive, I always marvel at the fall display that brightens our days as a harbinger of the cold gray winter ahead. I took Nell for a long walk around our pastures and woods beyond.The woods smelled sweet with leaves that crackled and snapped beneath our feet. We met a doe who stopped in her forging for food and watched us before turning and running into the depth of our woods.Nell wanted to give chase, but she, of course, was on a lead.

So close we got!

We are still painting our house.....inch by inch it seems. And in between our house painting days, I am grabbing studio time as I can.I did one fun Polo's all about color. And then yesterday afternoon, I did a quick oil of our Nellie....a painting that I have been wanting to do for a long time...from a photo I had taken of her on our bed.It is oil on canvas on board and sized at 8 x 6". It will be put up on my website and available for JRT fans......I think.

"My Bed Too"   oil      8 x 6"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Grapes Are Ready

The grapes are ready.....   copyright 2011 Kathi Peters

A sure sign of fall is the ripening of the Concord grapes on our arbor.I am ready to do a painting of them,and have been checking on their progress each day.The time has come!! Now if the rain would stop....just for a while...I will do a painting of them in their lovely purple will be an oil on copper....I can't wait!!!

My last roses of summer are on the bush....I think I need to do a painting of them too.This all needs to be done soon....the days seem to fly by....I feel a need to capture the sweet songs of summer  and of fall as they slip away.

My roses   copyright 2011 - Kathi Peters
This Friday,Nov 7th is the opening reception of the TWO PERSON SHOW at Gallery B in Lexington,KY. I regret that I will not be there in person....but my artwork will share the stage with the work of Veronica Clark...and I will be there in spirit. I am also donating a portion of my sales  to the American Stroke please help me to help them!!!
and enjoy the show!!!