Monday, June 2, 2014

A Radio Interview?? AND A New Show Opening!







Our crab apple tree
Lately there seems to be a slow rhythm to my days on our farm. Horses fed. Horses put out. Stalls done. Dog walked. Gardening attempted. Afternoons in the studio until evening ...when it's horses in. Horses fed. Dog walked. Evening time to relax. But then, into the mix comes art shows to attend, galleries to deliver art work to, and now even a radio interview. RADIO INTERVIEW??!!  This is a first for me……so I hope someone will be listening….And if you are, I would love to hear your comments!!  The interview is  Monday June 2nd!! It is at 1:30 pm and I guess lasts about 20 minutes. I hope I can last 20 minutes.  The show is called Art of the Red River.  It is a once a month show, live and taped.  Here is a link to the radio blog.               They have a Facebook page too.. .  I am hoping that I make sense and that my words don’t come out jumbled. I still have problems with aphasia since my stroke in 2006. I will try to rest before the interview. If I am tired, words just do not come. I am left with jumbled speech, a brain that can’t find words and I find answering questions most mind boggling. So tune in!! You might have a pleasant surprise or at least witness a very entertaining comedy show??!!

My other news: I had 2 casein paintings juried into the River Arts Gallery’s new exhibit “Down On The Farm”. The show opens May 30 and runs until June 19th in, Damariscotta, Maine. See my Events page to see where I am showing next!!  I am so pleased to be showing in Maine and being able to physically be there to see my work hung, and see the works of other Maine artists. This state is full of so many talented artists.
I have new works “in the works”… I better get painting.

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