Monday, July 25, 2011

Painting In & Out - In Casein & Oil

"Day Lilies and Bird Bath" Plein Air
I felt a need to get out of the studio and away from the casein painting I am working on, so I readied my Thumbox with oil paint and a new 8 x 6" copper panel...and off into the very warm day I went, to sit in the shade on the north of our house, while I painted the glorious yellow day lilies in blossom where they sit under the front "Look Into Garden"'s bird bath. I am liking the ability to change medium and subject matter....and environment. I am starting to get the knack of plein air work. It is a learning process for me. I have a hard time focusing on what to paint and how to approach the work when I am surrouned by so much visual abundance. I am thinking that this changing of gears,so to speak,will only help me with my studio work too. Now that I have the small  plein air oil drying in the studio,I look at it and can see where values need to be addressed,lines fixed and will finish off the painting... and will then be putting it up on my website.

I also finished a small casein of our JRT  from the photo that I posted in my last blog entry. "A Sweet Face" is varnished, framed and going to a good home. It is so easy to buy work off my website over the Internet using PayPal's secure login. Don't forget!

"A Sweet Face"   casein on board      6 x 6"     SOLD

They say we are getting some rain.This is good.The fields are dry around our farm....the gardens need watering daily.The watering takes a good part of the day.I have to grab my studio time when I can. I am grabbing some time now!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Things That Take Me Away From My Studio

"Pond Iris"            oil on copper panel                    6 x 8"

I have a new copper panel ready for painting Plein Air....I want to get out and paint the pond lilies in our field pond,a bigger and deeper pond than the small oil I finished a few days ago.[ "Pond Iris" ] The yellow and white pond lilies in the big pond are in full bloom, reaching for the sun from the depth of the deep dark pond. Nellie and I have been there several times on our walks to check out their growth, but I have yet to get time to go there and actually paint. Maybe over the next few days,if it doesn't rain.
My artwork for Equidae Gallery,Saratoga Springs,NY, has FINALLY left the studio after a snafu on my carrier's part. The show there opens this Thursday, July 22, 2011. I guess my shipping problem is one of the down-sides of living in the woods!

The weather lately has been  very hot by Maine standards My studio is cool in the summer, so Nell and I have been staying in the studio a lot if I do go out to paint, I will leave Nell in the house,sleeping. I think.

Take me!!???

Friday, July 15, 2011

Plein Air Or A Wonderful Afternoon

My Thumb-box that was a gift!

Today is one of those summer days that we, here in Maine, dream about when snow piles up to our windows and frost bites our noses.The day dawned cool and sun filled. A constant breeze blew through the trees and the smell of my roses filled the air. I HAD to paint outside. I do have work that needs to be done in the studio, but this was too good a day to miss. I headed out after lunch. I didn't go far. I sat on my garden bench, by my pool where water trickles over stones and through flowers... and I painted.I painted my "pond" and the Japanese Iris and the rocks. At one point two deer walked through the woods beside me...I yelled at them, as I am sure they were looking over my garden like a smorgasbord meal.

Various bugs also stopped in to check out my progress and approve......

My critic

I used my Guerilla Thumbox and painted in oil on a copper substrate. My thumbox was a gift from good friend and fellow artist Renee Lammers. Renee paints plein air everyday [just about]...and on a day like today, it is easy to explain why. But Renee also paints in the winter when the snow is up to the windows and the frost bites noses!!!! Her work is wonderful!! I have some hanging on our walls. Renee also has got me painting on copper panels.....I love it with oils!!

Here is the painting I did Alla about 2 1/2 hours. I will get a better shot of it later, but I just wanted to share a great day!! As Renee says..."Get out and paint". ;-)

"Japanese Iris"  oil on copper     6 x 8"       copyright 2011 Kathi Peters

Monday, July 11, 2011

Packing, Labeling & Other Mundane Things

"Running"  casein on board   image size 6x6" copyright 2011 Kathi Peters
The studio is a mess as I get art works ready to ship out the Equidae Gallery in Saratoga Springs,NY. This little JRT painting, titled "Running", is one of 5 works,image size 6 x 6" and  all framed to measure 10" x 10"...all being set to celebrate it's being the Gallery's tenth year in Saratoga!! So they will be sent, along with other larger works. The show opens July 22 and hangs until Sept.5th. 2011.  I will be headed over to Saratoga Springs later....about the beginning of August. On August 5th, I will be talking and doing a demonstration on painting with casein at 10:00am at Equidae Gallery. I would love to see folks talk and to ask me questions of this under-rated medium.I will try and explain my methods and ways.....but remember, I am not a teacher.....!!! But I will do my best at playing one!! 
Then in the evening is the Champagne Reception and I will be there, meeting, greeting and would be happy to help you pick out the next painting for your art collection!

Summer is in full swing here in Maine. Hot surrounds the farm and Nell and I enjoy our studio time in my cool studio.Outside the sun bakes, the flowers bloom and all need daily watering...another time consuming chore. The air smells of roses.I am not complaining!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Drawn To The Gardens

The garden outside my studio.
The gardens outside my studio are in full bloom now.I sit at my drawing board and paint and look out the window upon this myriad of colors....How they tempt me to come out side. I have been working on the watercolor of  Acadia drafts.... and it is all I can do to keep my mind on the work at hand. But I have made some headway on it...This is almost done....the  work in progress is at this point now:     

"Acadian Clyde"s  watercolor....... almost done.
Life on the farm is in full swing...and between the mowing, weeding and chores I am getting paperwork, paintings and framing done. Life is good ...if a bit fragmented during this season. Paintings are framed and ready to ship to the next show in SaratogaSprings the end of the month. I will tell more about Equidae Gallery's show in another blog post.

The studio is cool....I am headed there now! Nell and I will enjoy the studio's cool while looking out at the summer hot..... remembering what winter is like in Maine!!