Sunday, January 26, 2014

A New Painting - Alone With A Friend

The first painting of 2014 is done. It is a painting that is really an image from my mind....a feeling that I have had the privilege of experiencing many times throughout my life. A sweet moment. Alone, but not lonely. A girl with her horse.

It feels good to have a large [for me] painting under my belt for the beginning of the year. Love my caseins, but feel a need to get back into doing some watercolors again. So I have a large [for me] watercolor of a driving pair in the works. It feels good to be pushing the paint my watercolors! Each medium I use has a different feel and forces me to approach it differently. I  think it helps keep my eye fresh and my work evolving. I hope so anyway.
So now back into the paint.....................

Saturday, January 11, 2014

News ..I Am Added To A New Art Gallery In Red Hook, N.Y.

2014 started with a weather pattern that is more or less erratic. But I don’t think I am telling you something you aren’t aware of. With an ice storm that left us without power…or heat... in below freezing temperatures ,  our farm is covered with a coating of ice which is making it hard to walk ...but oh so easy to slide…often unintentionally. So I walk carefully into the New Year with cleats on my winter boots and trying to grab time in the studio.  The cold weather means more work on the farm and less artistic time for me.

The good news is that I have been invited into a new art gallery in Red Hook, NY. So this week I packaged up 7 paintings to go to Equis Art Gallery, in Red Hook…..and I look forward to a great working relationship with them. This gallery that is representing some of the best international equine artists, and it is the dream incarnate of equine photographer Juliet Harrison. How appropriate that her "stable of artists" includes some amazing equine artists! I am so flattered to be part of that dream.

"Four In Hand From Above"  casein on paper  12 x 9"  ©2012

 One of my works that will be exhibited in Equis Art Gallery is my casein painting “Four In Hand From Above”, a painting that was inspired from a loft view of a coaching turnout that was up at Acadia’s Wildwood Stables years ago. I am always inspired to paint carriage driving scenes and the lofty view of any subject is also a view I have painted throughout the years. Equis Art Gallery is interested in my carriage driving art work. I will strive to create some more works with just that subject.
BACK TO THE STUDIO I GO…….There are paintings that need doing!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Bye 2013! Hello 2014!!! I am Ready!


Christmas has come and gone. Storms have buried my gardens and the farm in mantels of white. 2013 is almost done. I am excited about 2014. I anticipate a full plate of paintings, shows and new galleries. Bring it on!

 Commissions in 2013 took up a lot of my time. I will accept a limited amount of commission work in 2014, but hope the major part of the New Year will be all about original work, and working on some ideas I want to develop further.
One of my 2013 commission clients contracted me for 2 larger paintings of his driving horses, two different scenes and I enjoyed painting them both. Here they are! What handsome horses!

It feels so good to be back in the studio and working again....a lot of new happenings are prompting me to pull up my socks and get to work. Love it!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!