Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Snow blankets the look-in-to garden.

We thought that spring had come but winter charged back in with biting wind and snow. The horses were starting to shed, but when the weather changed, I think they now are appreciating their winter coats. Over the weekend we awoke to a fresh blanket of winter white.....lovely to look at and not so deep that we had to spend hours shoveling. If but all the storms would be like this!!!

And while the weather took a turn for the worst I Moved my office to my studio….pc and desk and files…..this change will make it easier for me to take care of business. It also allows me the use of my larger monitor for reference of images while I paint. Easier on my eyes!! My studio is finally put back together, after days of bedlam …sort of. I am working again, doing some drawing and working on some new paintings. I have my summer galleries plans laid out…..and need to get ‘to work’ on new work. This is good. I also will be doing some painting demonstrations this summer…..all in the works.

And locally in Maine, I have 2 paintings hanging in the Aarhus Gallery’s "44n 69w Radius Belfast"  show which runs March 1st - April 1st. The opening reception is March 2, 5-8pm. Their openings are always packed and entertaining. Aarhus is a lovely Belfast Maine Gallery. This all-encompassing show, featuring work by Maine artists, celebrates the vast creative local community. From the sales of this show, the gallery donates 20% of proceeds to food banks within a thirty-mile radius of Belfast. This is wonderful, especially this year….the way things are. I am happy to take part!!
Now.....back to my drawing.....and the changed around studio. [I think I do this every year at this time....change things around!!] Back to work!!!!

©2012 kathipeters.com

Monday, February 20, 2012

March in February

Chickadee sings a spring song!!

The weather continues to sparkle and with the sun higher in the sky, days seem warmer....much like March! We at Cob Cottage welcome the warmth....we are not complaining at all.The bird feeders are kept full and our yard is full of bird songs,with the Chickadee already singing its spring song.Bring it on!!

I completed another small oil on copper....but this time it is of an old barn,long empty of it's critters, in northern Maine. The old barn stands in Wytopitlock, Maine, up near the Canadian border, near New Brunswick. I changed it out a bit....added the yellow door which makes it remind me of our barn here at home. The fence was falling down and the fields overgrown. It is a scene you see a lot around Maine ,as farms are abandoned .....and the horses are gone.And that is why the title: "The Horses Are Gone"  I have 2 more copper panels prepared and ready to go. I am headed to the easel!!

"The Horses Are Gone"   Oil on copper   6 x 6"    ©2012 kathi peters

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spruce Head,Maine New Painting In February

The start of the Mill Cove painting.

I  often get questions on how I work....and I must admit working in oil on a copper panel is very different than working in casein on board. For one thing the oil on copper goes on slippery and slick. Casein on a toned board or paper goes down gritty and matte. The difference between the two is one of the major reasons I enjoy them both.

With the oil I start with a full color block-in which leaves me with a sort of abstract image. Once I have established the composition I go in to the "embellishment" ....deciding what I want to detail and what I can leave out.I don't want too much detail.I personally prefer less detail, more nuance, and that is the song I want to sing. The oil I just finished is pictured here, in this blog post, in the beginning stage and then as the finished work. I think you can get an idea of how I went with it.

I do use the same color palette with oil as I do with my casein work. My watercolor work is a whole different palette and is approached from a complete different direction. But that is another story!

I am having fun with my oil on copper while doing these past small Maine landscapes. I plan on doing 2 more, but the next 2 will be more inland scenes,not costal. But they are all what I love about Maine! We love living here.

"Mill Cove-Spruce Head,Maine"      Oil on copper      6x6"   ©2012 kathipeters.com

Thursday, February 16, 2012

OIl Painting of Port Clyde, Maine

"Raspberry Island-Port Clyde,Maine"  Oil on copper    6x6"

I have started on several small oil paintings  from the recent trip last week to Spruce Head and Port Clyde. The sun was so bright that day and the late winter landscape with all it's abstraction really inspired me to get out my oils and prep some copper and start to paint. This is the first painting done...bright blue Cerulean sky and Ultramarine Blue water.....What fun! It is available on my website as it dries!!

Maine is beautiful anytime of year, and this winter has been so kind to us.I know Spring is not here yet,but the snow is melting,and today with the temps at a high of 50F here , Les had his lunch on the deck. That really helps one with cabin fever!!!

Back into the paint now....working on anther  6 x 6" oil and this time of Spruce Head. Taking a break from equine paintings for a bit!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Gone to the Dogs

"Be My Valentine"    Casein on board   8 x 6" ©2012 kathi peters  SOLD

It is that time of year already.Seems the past weeks have flown by, even if plagued a bit by a case of cabin fever. But last week was productive and full of fun and adventure,literally and artistically. With more great JRT reference photos the above painting was a perfect work to do for today's celebration......SO a big old grateful Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog followers , the collectors of my artwork, friends and fellow artists!!  This Jack with attitude is a wonderful subject...and his owners are very special people.....Thank you so much Dia and Sydney!!! and of course The Wonderful Forrest Gump!!!! 

Not to be out done by Mr Gump, our Nell posed for our Valentine's Day
greeting to everyone!!!  Hugs all around!!!

©2012 kathi peters

Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Falling, Polo #5 and Snow Coming

"Polo # 5"     Casein on board   6 x 8"   ©2012 kathi peters

Two small caseins  finished so far this week...and I am working on a third. The weather is absolutely brilliant today....in and out! Outside the sun shines and it's warmth must feel so good on our old horses backs as they stand sleeping. Inside Nell and Mittens soak up the rays enjoying a rare moment sharing the same space with out a hassle.Nell is always the instigator. But for the moment they sleep..... quietly together!!

    Nell and Mittens basking...©2012 kathi peters

I LOVE painting JRT's full of personality and this guy [seen below] is overflowing with it.I feel so privileged to have the chance to paint several works depicting him and his antics. "Free Falling " is one of the most fun of all so far!!! But I am working on one more in honor of Saint Valentine's Day......stay tuned....I am working on it right now! 

                                                                       "Free Falling"    Casein on board    7 x 5"    ©2012 kathi peters

Both the two caseins depicted here, are now on my website in the Small Works portfolio of works available for purchase. "Polo #5" is one of a series of small paintings depicting the exciting sport of Polo!! They also are in my Small Works Portofolio.

Back into the JRT painting, after a brief "walkies" with Nell in the bright sun. Tomorrow we have a snow storm coming.....sigh...........

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road Trip Due To Cabin Fever

"Through The Daisies"  Casein   6x6"           ©2012 kathi peters

The days are starting to feel a bit longer. I know the sun is setting later each day. Yet the long gray winter days had started to get to us at Cob Cottage ....so we picked a sunny wintery warmer day to head south and to the shore, in order to breath the fresh air tinged with the salt of the sea and .the cries of the gulls.... We drank it all up and come home refreshed and ready to take on the rest of winter that is left.

One of the scenes that I want to paint....icy Maine waters
©2012 kathi peters

I have finished two small caseins since I last blogged.....and here they are ! Now I am excited about doing some new work inspired by the wonderful scenery we saw on our road trip...and if time allows, I might just start some this week!!

Both these small paintings are up on my website.....
Have a great day! I know I will !!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Small Casein Painting - Keeneland Morning

"Keeneland Morning"   Casein on Board   6 x 6"   ©2012 kathi peters
It might be cold and wintry here in Mid-Coast Maine,but I am keeping warm in my studio painting memories of past summer visits to Kentucky and the behind the scenes racetrack excitement. I love the hustle and bustle that goes on, the training and conditioning of the horses.So many paintings to be done....keeps my winters busy here.

The above is a small 6 x 6" casein of morning training.....a familiar scene there. The painting is available on my website,and is offered framed and ready to hang.