Thursday, November 17, 2016

White Fight - A Charcoal Study

"White Fight" charcoal and gouache 8.5 x 11" copyright 2016


Another charcoal and gouache study done of winter horse fights...when they are bored and cold.This might be developed into a painting.
This study is available now unframed , and shipping within the USA is included in its price.

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Works Done - I'm Pushing My Artistic Envelope

 It seems that I have been creating representative artwork for ages. I have. I feel a need to break out a bit from the artistic mold I have created for myself. Mind you, I am sailing unchartered waters for me...... but I am enjoying this voyage ....and I think it still nicely fits with my older work. So for the time being, I will be posting these new works in the same collection on my website as my more representative work. I only hope my collectors will come with me on this voyage. Hop abroad!!
"Rolling In The Deep" is the first...... It  happened at Acadia. A handsome spotted of a four-in-hand team.  A good roll after a good drive. It always seems to happen after a good bath too! If you have horses, you have seen them roll......often in deep something!!
 A mixed media work, it is done in acrylic, oil and casein. It is varnished and it is on a cradled board and does not need to be framed, but can be hung as is for a contemporary look.

"One In A Blue Moon" mixed media  , 6 x 6"  copyright 2016
 The second mixed media abstract work was done smaller...... same mix of media. The subject was one of two Belgians in a draft horses team working up Acadia this summer. I saw them when we were up at Wildwood Stables with our Morgan driving pair. Often I see a horse whose face captures my heart. This handsome Belgian guy was one of those horses. I really enjoyed painting this small work. "Once In A Blue Moon" is available framed .....and is ready to go!
The third one done so far is "Snow Drifting". I went into it very abstractly and then ended up finishing it in a more Japanese feel. I have always been fascinated with the woodblock work of Hokusai and Hiroshegi....I went for that feel, with an abstract spin. I really enjoyed creating this one too , as I wondered what I would do... as I worked through the composition. Another foray into abstract and representative work.......A chestnut horse rolls in the winter sunlight in his paddock of snow and hay. Dappled winter shadows , blue and purple surround the golden hay and sunlight. I have been there.......seen that.
"Snow Drifting" is also on a cradled board, with no need for a frame...ready to hang.
Ready to ship! 

"Snow Drifting" , mixed media, 12 x 12"  copyright 2016
Now I have to get back into some commission work I am I paint.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Interview With A National Magazine !!!

 In the middle of our summer driving 'marathon " in Acadia  National Park this year, I was contacted by Ann Pringle, the editor of Driving Digest, about doing an interview for a feature article in their fall issue #203. I was more than pleased and honored to be offered this opportunity to show my work and to answer Ann's questions about my life and my work. It's no secret that the majority of my body of work depicts the world of the driving horse. It is a equestrian discipline that I love to participate in and to paint. I hope everyone has had the chance to read the article, and to see a sample of my work as Driving Digest featured it so wonderfully. Thank you Driving Digest and Ann Pringle!!
"The Wheelers", oil , 12 x 16"  copyright 2015
I am back in the studio now....busy with the start of commission work for the holidays and new year.
I am also working on new original work. My art work is very important to me....Life goes on.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Wheelers At Acadia - A Sketch Now, A Painting Later

"The Wheelers At Acadia", charcoal and conte, copyright 2016

When the four in hand coaches come driving at Acadia, there is never a lack of inspiration for me. Often the four horses in a team are taken out as pairs....only two pulling the carriage. Its a good way to exercise the horses or get them familiar with their new surroundings. Sometimes one of the four might have a problem that keeps them from being used........and then I get to capture a pair.....its all good! "The Wheelers At Acadia"
This sketch is available. I will be painting this scene...edited a bit. But now I am offering the sketch , unframed. Shipping is included for shipments within the USA. You'd be surprised how low the price is on my sketches!!   I do ship overseas...but that of course costs more. Contact me for that.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Fall Pair - New Casein / Mixmedia Painting


"The Fall Pair" ,mixed media, 12 x 12"
They work in the fields on the farms. They are the heavy horses who help get the produce to the markets. They are the gentle giants who helped build our world. The Fall Pair are the workers...gentle giants,
I used casein, acrylic paint in this work.
This painting is offered now unframed. Shipping within the USA is included in its price.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Pears Are Ready

"The Pears Are Ready", Casein, 9 x 12"


Each year we wait for the fall's harvest of fruit. Our pears are a favorite. We have a basket sitting on our kitchen counter for everyone to enjoy....and then there is a bag for the horses' enjoyment in the barn. We are happy when the pears are ready!
This casein and ink painting is offered unframed , and shipping is complimentary for USA shipments.
Fall sure feels close. The warm sun filled days have a melancholy touch and each evening brings cooler temps that makes me want to curl up with a warm cozy blanket. These are the days I love.  And my studio is calling me back to get busy on new gardens are slowing down. It is time.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Four-In-Hand Painting Of Acadia

"Two's Company, Four's A Team" is maybe more about the groom holding the two lead horses, looking into the sun, while another groom unhitches the two wheelers. They had just arrived back from a long picnic drive over the miles of beautiful carriage roads of Acadia.  I love depicting the everyday scenes that surround the life of carriage driving and horses. I just love to paint my life. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness

"Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness" , oil on copper, 5 x 5" ©2016


This is the time of the year when Maine is beautiful! Sun shines most days and along the coast a cooling breeze blows amking the summer days sing. This is the time most of us , in Maine, wait for all winter. And for my husband and I, this is the time of year we head up to Acadia with our horses to enjoy the wonder that is Acadia. Ocean, forest, fresh air and carriage roads.
This small study of a painting is portrays the beauty of Maine. A wonderful small reminder of that beauty.
Scenes like this are all over the beautiful state, and this quick small painting, "Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness" , of  mid-coast Maine is available.
Shipping within the USA is included in its price.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Robin's Egg Blue And A Luna Moth


"Robin's Egg Blue", oil on copper, 6 x 6" ©2016

There are so many Robin families living on our small farm. I guess they like the multitude of worms that dig in our soil.One lone egg was in this nest.....others came after. But I had to paint that lonely one "Robin's Egg Blue".
And several days ago we were again visited by a Luna Moth. Each year they come....and each year they intrigue me with their design. Very Klimt-ish. They come attracted by the back door light I keep on at night in an attempt to keep deer out of my studio garden and our vegetable garden. It doesn't seem to work. But it does seem to invite the Luna's to our farm. "Night Visitor" is available on my website as is "Robin's Egg Blue".

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tidewater Farm's Summer's Bee Balm

"Summer's Bee Balm", casein , 10 x 10"©2016

This painting will be available at Tidewater Farm's  'A Taste Of Tidewater ' art event to be held on August 20th , 2016 . For more information about the event and the availability of this painting please contact the U.Maine Cooperative Extension  207-781-6099. 
Les and I have been driving our horses. It is that time of year where we get to do what we love....and horses are a big part of it. I won't get much studio time over the next few months, what with gardening and driving....but that's good. I always come back with new ideas and my creative juices flowing. A vacation of sorts to keep my brain working.
But I will be drawing... sketching


"Poppies" , oil , 6 x 6"

My gardens and their bounty have captured my attention of late. I spend hours weeding and thinning plants and yet it seems that the weeds and new sprouts spring up behind my back, as I work my way around each flower bed. Well, it is called Spring ....Isn't it?
Spring poppies are always a favourite of mine to depict. Here are my "Poppies".

Sea Holly and Alpaca Sketches

"Sea Holly" charcoal on paper, 11 x 8.5"
"Sea Holly" is one of the perennials growing in my gardens. I love its spikey presence. I explored their personality in charcoal...I know now I have to paint them. Their design element is strong as they stand out in the garden. But I need to capture their lovely incandescent blue....a color that stands out in  a sea of green, Their spikey flower heads and spikey leaves ask to be touched, experienced when one walks the garden paths. I am waiting now on their growth in the front garden. I think I want to try capturing them plein air....painting in the garden. I want to do more of that this summer, as time permits.
For now, this sketch was an interesting approach. This drawing is available unframed. Shipping within the USA in always complimentary.
  "The Wet Alpaca" , charcoal  , 11 x 8.5"  ©2016
Another sketch done recently was prompted by a visit to a friend's farm one cold, very wet spring day. I was photographing spring lambs when two inquisitive resident alpacas came to check what the strangers were doing in their lambing barn. What intelligent soulful eyes the alpacas have.  Their hair coats were soaking wet, but they looked huggable. This sketch is also available on my website. I am fascinated by alpacas now!
In a couple of weeks we are headed to Acadia with our Morgan pair. I don't know how much painting time I will be able to squeeze during our 'driving marathon". I'll do my best.  I can't wait to drive the carriage roads of Acadia again. I'll be taking lots of pictures for sure, for future paintings! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On Gossamer Wings

"On Gossamer Wings" , oil, 6 x 6" ©2016
 A dragonfly stopped his flight and lit on a gate on our farm. He had been very busy catching flies.....maybe he was tired.
I appreciate all our dragonflies do for us on our farm. They are always so busy.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Promise Of Spring

"Promise Of Spring" oil , 6 x 6"
"Promise Of Spring" oil , 6 x 6"
 Under the eaves of our barn's run-out sheds, robins have taken up housekeeping. Their nests line the eaves and soon the eaves will be nurseries for baby robins. The parents' comings and goings are watched by our horses, as they rest in their stalls.
Spring is a busy time on the farm.
This small new oil painting is available at Hole In The Wall Studioworks Art Gallery in Raymond, Maine. I hope if you are in the area you will stop in and check out my work there....and the work of all the great artists that Hole In The Wall represents. It is a neat Maine gallery.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Looking Homeward

The image for this painting started as a graphite sketch in my moleskin sketchbook. I kept looking at my sketch and the image of the chestnut horse looking into the distance...[ looking into his future? ] and it kept saying paint this. The landscape was not so important in the scheme of the composition. The sky was as important an element, for me, as the subject himself. I used my palette knife mostly in the painting of the sky and the landscape. The pensive horse was painted with brush and more detailed, but with a bit of knife work in his mane.  
I enjoyed looking at this painting as it stood in my studio on my easel. I enjoyed painting it. And I was very happy when one of the galleries I am with, asked to have it in their gallery after seeing it on my website and my Facebook page. I was changing out work with Equis Art Gallery and agreed to send it down with new work that they wanted.  I explained that it was just dry enough to ship.....and would be send down unframed. They agreed to that. So off "Looking Homeward" went to New York. And then I was pleasantly surprised to heard from Equis Art Gallery that THAT painting had sold as soon as it arrived in the gallery.......a half hour after it had been unpacked. I thank Equis Art Gallery and owner Juliet Harrison. I know that pensive chestnut horse is in a good home where he will be taken care of and loved. That is what I want for all "my horses".

 The graphite sketch in my Moleskin sketchbook that prompted the
finished painting of "Looking Homeward".

Sunday, June 5, 2016

More Charcoals and Gouache Work

While still working in my charcoal , and adding a splash of color .....I captured some images of the sheep in a friend's flock. We visited the Maine farm on a cold rainy April day. The birthing barn was warm with wooly mothers and their off spring, bouncing lambs with sweet faces and bright eyes.
This artistic venture back into charcoal, seems to have kindled my artistic muse. I am enjoying getting my hands dirty, and thinking in black and white, working with values. Some of my small charcoal works on paper have gone to Equis Art Gallery in Red Hook, NY. I hope collectors of my work go check them out. They are 'going' at very easy on the purse-strings prices.  Some I consider studies, as I really liked them and feel as if I would like to explore them more as paintings. Some are really finished artwork.
"Dinner Is Served" , Charcoal and gouache, 12 x 20.5"  ©2016 

So far our spring has been lovely. I am behind on getting my veggie garden in, but the perennial gardens are coming along fine.
In between gardening and barn chores ....I am fitting in studio time. More works in the works!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Floral Series, So Far

Time seems to flies these days. I have been working in the studio all day, but have been very neglect ibex of posting and blogging about my new work. I think that the last time I sent out an email newsletter was last fall … yes fall of 2015. At least I can not be accuses of filling your email boxes with spam !! But I do need to apologize for not getting my latest works out there for those who are interested in my art … and I know there are some of you out there in cyber world who are collectors and following my work.

I have been painting,drawing and creating new works in new media and stretching my creative repertoire. I have started a series of floral work  in charcoal, conte and gouache. So far works are on paper. I plan on using other substrates and mediums as I see where I can go with this series.

I started with portraying my spent bee balm seed stalks, as they stand after our old Maine winter.  I am enjoying this working series.… with 5 done so far. I am starting to do another subjects too. Working in a  series as always been a favorite way of working for me. It is as if one finished work pushes me onto the next… all connected , all different. Here are the works so far. What do you think? 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Three Sketches and Drawings Available

While working on several paintings in the studio, I worked on several drawings/studies ......and here are three that I have decided to sell. They are available on my website.  At least one of these will become a painting.  I am always a day ahead of myself. 
Days go by and I can easily loose track of what day of the week it is, but I always know what I am going to do tomorrow in the studio.That is a comforting feeling.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Big Painting For A Small Studio

"INVERNO",  Mixed Media , 30 x 40"
I often have painted large works. I have always felt a bit cramped in my studio when I slap that big canvas on the easel and start blocking in the image …..But my latest large work [large for me at 30 x 40”] just came together easily and I never felt like my creative vision was too big for my small studio.  My creative muse soared as I took a simple scene of one of our Morgan boys dancing on his winter mound of hay, surrounded by bright sunlight snow, against the sun’s glow through the forest that surrounds our farm. I played with graphic design a bit more in “Inverno” than my work of late. I’m feeling there will be more work like this one in my future. Maybe a throw back to my years of graphic design and commercial art.

I used my oil paints, my casein paints, and acrylic paint and oil pastels in “Inverno”,  over the initial sketch done in charcoal. I played around with this painting. I think it worked!

“Inverno” is available …..Ready to make a statement in its new home!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Drawings, Watercolors and Spring Is Here

"A Fine Cob" , charcoal, 16.5 x 10.5"   SOLD

I have been drawing a lot lately.....It is always a good practice to hand ....To get your values correct before starting to paint. Time spend drawing is time well spent. It helps get my creative brain working, seeing my subject and while I draw I start envisioning how I want to approach the subject matter, what medium, what support, what direction. The charcoal drawing "A Fine Cob " was drawn with charcoal and when I finished the drawing [which was immediately sold after posting it on my Kathi Peters Art page on Facebook] I knew I wanted to try to approach the same subject with my pastels. I haven't had them out for a long time and I felt it was time to get back into pure pigment and build pure color. I am working on that now, and I am grateful for the fact that pastel is a medium sitting patiently waiting for my getting back to the painting.
In the mean time I have finished the two new watercolors featured below. Both of these watercolors are now available for purchase on my website. The cute colt is a Welsh Cob foal ...all legs....and foals are a sign of sweet spring. Our spring is slowly appearing here. All snow is gone from our farm, and left in its wake the season mud, that seems to cover our chestnut pair as they sleep in the sun. I captured them standing together in the winter sun in a 12 x 16" watercolor, "The Winter Chestnuts". No mud coats at that time....white snow and winter's barren trees abound.
"The Bay Colt" ,watercolor, 10 x 8" 

"The Winter Chestnuts" watercolor, 12 x 16"

On the recent days, ones where we were blessed with sun and warmth, I have been out starting the cleaning of winter's debris....stones and dirt on the lawn, stones on the grass surrounding our stone pathway to our cottage and matted leaves burying the perennial gardens. I have made some headway, but there is still lots to do. It is always a labor of love and time spent out of the studio, cleaning the creative cobwebs out of my head, is always good for my soul.  Fresh air and sunshine.

Monday, February 15, 2016

"Russet" in Winter

"Russet" , watercolor  , 8 x 13"  ©2016   Sold
Snow storms and winter's bitter chill have taken their toll on my studio time and frankly my get up and go, as far as creativity is concerned. I've taken an afternoon here and there , but I've been so tired and not able to get into anything too deep or needing concentration. Maybe it is lack of sun....or lack of sleep.....but here is one watercolor done, which was immediately sold. This handsome Morgan mare was a subject that I took photos of years ago ....and yet I only got around to painting it now. I loved how she turned her head to see my approach, as she was tied to her trailer, having just come back from a drive. Russet horse in a russet harness. Lovely.

I have been sketching a lot lately. I have started to fill up a Moleskin sketchbook that was given to me by a good friend years ago when we got our Morgan driving pair. She told me to sketch at Acadia when we go driving....but frankly  I am always too busy taking care of the horses there , or just enjoying being with the horses on a carriage drive. No time to sketch. But I did start to use the sketchbook last year on our trip to Pennsylvania and Weyth country. I am loving the paper and how it works with pencil and ink. Liked it so much I ordered a second smaller Moleskin sketch book to use with wet media. Here are  two graphite sketches done and they will each become  future paintings I am sure!

"The Colt"

"The Pair"
As we brace for another storm.....snow and then rain!! .....I am grabbing some studio time today. I am getting into my watercolor paintings again.... I  am painting!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Subject - Two Mediums

"Head Study #2 At Acadia" , watercolor,  17 x 12"   ©2016

 Two works done recently. One subject. Two Mediums. Why?

This handsome carriage horse was first worked up as a graphite study, in order to get my values figured out in my head. Doing these preliminary sketches helps me a lot; especially when working from photos, and not from life. This horse was one of the horses who was on the American Driving Society's visit years ago to Maine and the carriage roads of Acadia. I captured more than several photos of this handsome guy and I have painted him before. This time I approached the painting a bit differently than other works done of him. His strong face and handsome features attracted me again. And because I have clients asking to purchase my sketches I have included the graphite of this image available on my website.

"Head Study #2 At Acadia", graphite, 14 x 11" ©2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Racing Paintings Series Continues

"Before The Race #4",  mixed media ,9x12" ©2016

Two more "Before the Race " paintings are done. I have done series before and have had good luck in having the paintings find forever homes. Working in series gives me a sense of continuity and purpose. It also gives me a chance to develop an idea further than a single painting does. Painting series and painting self-portraits are some things that I TRY  to do every year. All part of the growth I hope to achieve every year. So here are "Before The Race #4 " and "Before The Race #5" . All 5 paintings ready to go!! Check them all out on my website.

"Before The Race #5",  mixed media ,9x12" ©2016 

The farm's snow is starting to melt. It has been an easier winter so far this year. Our horses are eager for spring to come for them to get back to driving ....I really think that they miss getting out and about, and off the farm. They suffer cabin fever too!! 

Our brook is even open a bit and the water bubbles and gurgles as it passes below the snow and ice that blankets it.  I love this Cob Cottage farm!!!

The brook..........on its was through the farm.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's A New Year ! More New Paintings!

 I can't believe time has past so quickly since the last time I posted new work ....but it has, and needless to say, I have been painting between holiday commitments  and snow storms and doctor appointments! Life on the farm goes on and I do get time every day to get into the studio and do something creative. ............even if it is only balancing my checkbook. Believe me, that can be VERY creative!

At the end of 2015 I did an oil of a Cob brood mare, fond memories of a mare that produced some awesome foals. The painting is available on my website and hopefully she will find a new home in the new year.

  I also have been working on some smaller works on paper , in mixed media, and they are turning into a series of works I will be doing as I explore the pulse of the prerace ride, the feeling of the horses and their side riders, as they ready for the gate loading and their race. So far there are three done  in this series......

"Before The Race #2"  ©2016  Kathi Peters

I have had  papercut drawing work juried into an exhibit opening at River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine January 15th,2016......Good to have my  papercuts back in the mix of my portfolio of work again. I am looking at some changes in my work in the new year. I hope to keep you engaged in my work. 
And so I paint....create!