Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New OIl Of Saratoga Race Track

"Back Fom The Track"   Oil on copper    8 x 6"  
I am getting ready for a new exhibit that opens at the end of July at  the Equidae Gallery in Saratoga Springs,NY.,and hanging during racing season. Here in my studio there are paintings that need framing and a few that still need varnishing, but I am almost done. The weather has cooperated and it has been rainy for the most part , which keeps me in the studio and tending to business. I just finished the small painting above yesterday, and snapped photos of it today.... between raindrops. It will be headed to the Saratoga's gallery. "Back From The Track " is a 8 x 6" oil  showing the backside of the track's stabling area, across from the actually race track. I loved seeing the hustle and bustle of the track's working stables. Pictured here are the outriders who accompany the nervous thoroughbreds to the track and to the gates.....their work is done now.....and they head back to the stables.Life at the races, from the backside.

More news !! ...My watercolor painting "Heading To The Pull" was picked to grace the cover of the July issue of The Equine Marketer , an equine publication the serves the Mid Atlantic area of the USA.  They said that this painting was, " ...is so appropriate for all the county and country fairs that take place, at this time, in the Mid-Atlantic."  Thank you Equine Marketer !!

"Heading To The Pull"    Watercolor on paper on board   9 x 14"  copyright 2006   www,kathipeters.com  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Small Oil And Summer Is Here

Bee working hard.   copyright 2012 www.kathipeters.com

I have been busier than a bee in spring....and now that summer is officially here, I can't see things slowing down for a long while!!  The spring that brought us lots of rain, turned sunny and warm and the gardens are growing like Topsy. I can't keep ahead of it all.In fact I can't even catch up!!!!  But I am enjoying each new flower that bursts open with color and scent. I know that we are thoroughly blessed here on the farm.

Rosa Rugosa just starting..how sweet the smell.

The horses are enjoying all the green that their pasture has put forth.... and we all are resting easy since their winter's hay is put into the barn and sweetly perfuming the loft air. 

Clematis adorns the arbor giving us shade to enjoy.

Nell and I have taken to the cooler woods paths for our walks....and on one of those woodland walks we spied a small bird's nest hanging from a sapling, swaying in the breeze. One tiny egg lay in it, all speckled, it was safely hidden under an umbrella of the sapling's green leaves. How sweet and small a promise it is.I think it is a nuthatch egg. I had to do a small painting of it...small as the egg and nest themselves. "One Egg" is an oil on copper, 4 x 4" image size.....and will be framed in a golden wooden frame, available on my website.

"One Egg"   Oil on copper     4 x 4"   copyright 2012  www.kathipeters.com

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Plein Air....I am Addicted

"Two Poppies"  Oil on copper    4 x 4"  copyright 2012  www.kathipeters.com
I am addicted.If the sun is shining I have this urge to head outside,smell fresh air and leave my studio comfort to fight bugs and the elements!! With a few colorful flowers peeking through the ferns and not yet blooming perennials...two poppies sung out. "Two Poppies"  were painted.

Now the weather  man has predicted rain for tomorrow.I promise myself that tomorrow I will stay focused on the studio painting that needs finishing...I promise!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Oil Painting Of Seal Harbor, Maine And Show Opening

"Seal Harbor Lupine"    Oil on copper    6 x 8"  copyright 2012  www.kathipeters.com

While I waited for the rain to stop I did this small gem of an oil painting of one of my most favourite places in the world! Seal Harbor, Maine hold many sweet memories for me, of years spent with old friends and new friends found while riding and driving our horses on the carriage roads of Acadia, of evenings spent gathered around the campfire at Wildwood Stables. The reference photo for this painting was provided by one of those friends....."Seal Harbor Lupine" brings back sweet memories.

I may be sitting here in Maine, but I am having an art show opening tomorrow evening with Gallery B in Lexington, KY. The show titled "Go Figure" opens with a reception June 7th at 5:30 until 8:00 pm .....good food, good conversation and a wonderful show with figurative images shhowing people at work , rest  and play in a variety of mediums by noted Bluegrass and National artists. I am pleased to be in such good company!! The show will hang until July 14th,2012.  My casein painting "Girl With A Gun"  will be included with more of my work exhibited. I will not be there.....I am busy here at home, painting away in my studio!!

"Girl With A Gun"   Casein on board      12 x 12"    www.galleryblexington.com

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June's Song Brings New Oil Paintings

"June's Song"    Oil on copper      6 x 6"              Available

I do know that I should be working on paintings for the upcoming show at Equidae Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY, for July....and my only excuse for producing the work I am doing  lately is that I needed a change. That is my story and I am sticking with it!  The few wonderful sunny days we have had lately have called me out to paint plein air, and to explore natural light and the vast array of subject matter that sits outside my studio walls. No need to even leave my farm. There are subjects enough for a lifetime of painting here. And so, I have been venturing forth, with Nell by my side,....and I have added two small oil painting gems......from my world here, on Cob Cottage Farm, to my website in the Small Works Collection.

"First Flower - Pond Lily"  Oil on copper      4 x 4"            Available

Yet the past few days have been spent in the studio, while rain pounds down around. The brook is reaching over its banks and my gardens are strewn with wilting flowers. Sad. But I have captured some of June's song in the paintings above. Enjoy! The sun WILL come out tomorrow!