Monday, August 25, 2014

The Cabin By The Estuary in Acadia


This painting was done a while ago, but I have been so lax on writing my blog and never posted about it. I actually have finished 3 paintings and haven’t written about them. I blame it on my presence on Facebook, [] and the fact that we have been busy on the farm mowing, gardening and trying to keep up with it all. We try and drive our pair of horses too. It all doesn’t get done, but we are enjoying this summer so. Soon it will be fall and I PLAN on getting back into the studio then to work on some new works I have been planning. But as long as the warm sunny days lure me outside, I need to get things done that need doing outside.
The old house or cabin in this painting has intrigued me to years. I wonder about who lived there before leaving it neglected. Every time we go to Acadia we pass this old house that now sits empty. It looks down from a small hill onto the estuary on the opposite side of the road that runs between. Both scenes have been inspiring me to paint them.  I have finally captured the gray small house. The estuary is next. I know already how I want to approach the painting of this ever changing landscape.
I have not yet run out of ideas for new paintings………….I don’t think I ever will.


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