Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Power and Strength , A New Oil Painting

"The Wheelers"  oil , 14 x 16" ©2015

Driving a team of four horses pulling a carriage is a sport of gentlemen. There is an old saying that a gentleman doesn't drive more than four. For me, seeing the power and strength of a smartly turned-out four in hand is a thing of beauty. I appreciate the scene in its entirety, but sometimes by looking at the whole, you can miss a piece of it that is special. That is what I did with my latest oil painting done. I honed in on a piece of the whole.  A four-in-hand team is made up of two pair of horses; the strong wheelers who are closest to the carriage and actually do the majority of pulling of the carriage, and the leaders who are usually the flashier pair, finer and brave to be out front.  I have taken a view of the wheelers, up close and in the draft, pulling their carriage. The driving lines to the leaders cut across the wheelers profiles, cutting the composition and providing movement across the painting. It was an interesting and exciting element and fun to paint and develop.  “The Wheelers” is now on my website and available.

Our Maine weather has been so hot and muggy this August. Perfect "stay in the studio and paint" weather. I am taking advantage of it and have more paintings in the works. It is a joy awakening every day to work that I love to do…… and so I paint!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

One Painting Done And Three More In The Works

"Gotta Scratch" , casein on claybord , 16 x 16" ©2015

I am staying in my studio. It has become a very hot and muggy August here in Maine. My walkout basement studio is always cool in the heat of summer. So I keep painting. I have 3 paintings in the works at the moment. One oil painting and 2 caseins are filling my days inside, as the farm is hot and not so comfortable outside.

I finished a square format casein painting of an European Belgian horse...A "Brabant", a Brabant, is a draft horse breed from the Brabant region of modern Belgium. I love their short strong build, stocky bodies AND the color of their coats. The pink and purple in their shadows and highlights. I will be doing some more works  depicting these hefty workers.  "Gotta Scratch" is available , and looking for a forever home.

 The other paintings I am working on depict pairs , parts of a four in hand team that I had the pleasure of seeing on their maiden visit to Acadia, on the miles of carriage driving roads available for their pleasure. Did I say I love painting driving horses? I have been painting them for years. I will continue to do so.

I paint what I love......and am doing it today from the comfort of my cool studio......!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Art Shows I am In AND A New Painting ....Of A Goat!!!

Driving the carriage roads of Acadia  ©2015

Our two horses are back home grazing in their fields, after our July carriage driving marathon…. I am trying to catch up on gardening chores and in between the barn chores and gardening, I head to the studio and paint, order new paints and frames and get my creative mojo working.  I have done some new equine art work?  NO…..  Animal art ……..A GOAT?? Yes…... a Maine goat, no less.  

  "Maine Goat" , casein on canvas , 16 x 20"  ©2015

MY NEWS:  I have had 2 paintings juried into the new art exhibit, Mainly Maine  at River Arts in Damariscotta, Maine , that opens tonight.  With over 223 entries, by 92 artists from all over Maine, 105 works juried into the exhibition by juror Andy Curran.  I am honored to be one of those juried into this Maine show.
"Pemaquid Point Rosehips" , oil ob board , 16 x 16"  ©2015

I also have 3 works in the current on-line exhibit with Women Artists of the West’s show “Rivers, Tides, and Pools". A talented group of artists and not all the members are from the real “West”…….. Check out their great online art show!

AND the 2 person art show that I am in and NOW hanging at Equis Art Gallery in Red Hook, NY is up for a few more days.  "Summer Feature" highlighting the work of artist Patricia Powers and myself ,is a show featuring a mix of some of our older works and some new. I hope anyone in the area gets a chance to see this show. Then Equis Art Gallery is moving to its bigger and brighter new space in the center of Red Hook. THAT is exciting! I will post more about this as it happens!

And today…I am painting!