Friday, July 15, 2016

Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness

"Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness" , oil on copper, 5 x 5" ©2016


This is the time of the year when Maine is beautiful! Sun shines most days and along the coast a cooling breeze blows amking the summer days sing. This is the time most of us , in Maine, wait for all winter. And for my husband and I, this is the time of year we head up to Acadia with our horses to enjoy the wonder that is Acadia. Ocean, forest, fresh air and carriage roads.
This small study of a painting is portrays the beauty of Maine. A wonderful small reminder of that beauty.
Scenes like this are all over the beautiful state, and this quick small painting, "Pemaquid Peninsula Peacefulness" , of  mid-coast Maine is available.
Shipping within the USA is included in its price.

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