Thursday, March 31, 2016

Big Painting For A Small Studio

"INVERNO",  Mixed Media , 30 x 40"
I often have painted large works. I have always felt a bit cramped in my studio when I slap that big canvas on the easel and start blocking in the image …..But my latest large work [large for me at 30 x 40”] just came together easily and I never felt like my creative vision was too big for my small studio.  My creative muse soared as I took a simple scene of one of our Morgan boys dancing on his winter mound of hay, surrounded by bright sunlight snow, against the sun’s glow through the forest that surrounds our farm. I played with graphic design a bit more in “Inverno” than my work of late. I’m feeling there will be more work like this one in my future. Maybe a throw back to my years of graphic design and commercial art.

I used my oil paints, my casein paints, and acrylic paint and oil pastels in “Inverno”,  over the initial sketch done in charcoal. I played around with this painting. I think it worked!

“Inverno” is available …..Ready to make a statement in its new home!

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