Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Interview With A National Magazine !!!

 In the middle of our summer driving 'marathon " in Acadia  National Park this year, I was contacted by Ann Pringle, the editor of Driving Digest, about doing an interview for a feature article in their fall issue #203. I was more than pleased and honored to be offered this opportunity to show my work and to answer Ann's questions about my life and my work. It's no secret that the majority of my body of work depicts the world of the driving horse. It is a equestrian discipline that I love to participate in and to paint. I hope everyone has had the chance to read the article, and to see a sample of my work as Driving Digest featured it so wonderfully. Thank you Driving Digest and Ann Pringle!!
"The Wheelers", oil , 12 x 16"  copyright 2015
I am back in the studio now....busy with the start of commission work for the holidays and new year.
I am also working on new original work. My art work is very important to me....Life goes on.

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