Thursday, January 28, 2016

Racing Paintings Series Continues

"Before The Race #4",  mixed media ,9x12" ©2016

Two more "Before the Race " paintings are done. I have done series before and have had good luck in having the paintings find forever homes. Working in series gives me a sense of continuity and purpose. It also gives me a chance to develop an idea further than a single painting does. Painting series and painting self-portraits are some things that I TRY  to do every year. All part of the growth I hope to achieve every year. So here are "Before The Race #4 " and "Before The Race #5" . All 5 paintings ready to go!! Check them all out on my website.

"Before The Race #5",  mixed media ,9x12" ©2016 

The farm's snow is starting to melt. It has been an easier winter so far this year. Our horses are eager for spring to come for them to get back to driving ....I really think that they miss getting out and about, and off the farm. They suffer cabin fever too!! 

Our brook is even open a bit and the water bubbles and gurgles as it passes below the snow and ice that blankets it.  I love this Cob Cottage farm!!!

The brook..........on its was through the farm.

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