Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sea Holly and Alpaca Sketches

"Sea Holly" charcoal on paper, 11 x 8.5"
"Sea Holly" is one of the perennials growing in my gardens. I love its spikey presence. I explored their personality in charcoal...I know now I have to paint them. Their design element is strong as they stand out in the garden. But I need to capture their lovely incandescent blue....a color that stands out in  a sea of green, Their spikey flower heads and spikey leaves ask to be touched, experienced when one walks the garden paths. I am waiting now on their growth in the front garden. I think I want to try capturing them plein air....painting in the garden. I want to do more of that this summer, as time permits.
For now, this sketch was an interesting approach. This drawing is available unframed. Shipping within the USA in always complimentary.
  "The Wet Alpaca" , charcoal  , 11 x 8.5"  ©2016  www.kathipeters.com
Another sketch done recently was prompted by a visit to a friend's farm one cold, very wet spring day. I was photographing spring lambs when two inquisitive resident alpacas came to check what the strangers were doing in their lambing barn. What intelligent soulful eyes the alpacas have.  Their hair coats were soaking wet, but they looked huggable. This sketch is also available on my website. I am fascinated by alpacas now!
In a couple of weeks we are headed to Acadia with our Morgan pair. I don't know how much painting time I will be able to squeeze during our 'driving marathon". I'll do my best.  I can't wait to drive the carriage roads of Acadia again. I'll be taking lots of pictures for sure, for future paintings! 

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