Friday, November 4, 2016

New Works Done - I'm Pushing My Artistic Envelope

 It seems that I have been creating representative artwork for ages. I have. I feel a need to break out a bit from the artistic mold I have created for myself. Mind you, I am sailing unchartered waters for me...... but I am enjoying this voyage ....and I think it still nicely fits with my older work. So for the time being, I will be posting these new works in the same collection on my website as my more representative work. I only hope my collectors will come with me on this voyage. Hop abroad!!
"Rolling In The Deep" is the first...... It  happened at Acadia. A handsome spotted of a four-in-hand team.  A good roll after a good drive. It always seems to happen after a good bath too! If you have horses, you have seen them roll......often in deep something!!
 A mixed media work, it is done in acrylic, oil and casein. It is varnished and it is on a cradled board and does not need to be framed, but can be hung as is for a contemporary look.

"One In A Blue Moon" mixed media  , 6 x 6"  copyright 2016
 The second mixed media abstract work was done smaller...... same mix of media. The subject was one of two Belgians in a draft horses team working up Acadia this summer. I saw them when we were up at Wildwood Stables with our Morgan driving pair. Often I see a horse whose face captures my heart. This handsome Belgian guy was one of those horses. I really enjoyed painting this small work. "Once In A Blue Moon" is available framed .....and is ready to go!
The third one done so far is "Snow Drifting". I went into it very abstractly and then ended up finishing it in a more Japanese feel. I have always been fascinated with the woodblock work of Hokusai and Hiroshegi....I went for that feel, with an abstract spin. I really enjoyed creating this one too , as I wondered what I would do... as I worked through the composition. Another foray into abstract and representative work.......A chestnut horse rolls in the winter sunlight in his paddock of snow and hay. Dappled winter shadows , blue and purple surround the golden hay and sunlight. I have been there.......seen that.
"Snow Drifting" is also on a cradled board, with no need for a frame...ready to hang.
Ready to ship! 

"Snow Drifting" , mixed media, 12 x 12"  copyright 2016
Now I have to get back into some commission work I am I paint.

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