Sunday, June 5, 2016

More Charcoals and Gouache Work

While still working in my charcoal , and adding a splash of color .....I captured some images of the sheep in a friend's flock. We visited the Maine farm on a cold rainy April day. The birthing barn was warm with wooly mothers and their off spring, bouncing lambs with sweet faces and bright eyes.
This artistic venture back into charcoal, seems to have kindled my artistic muse. I am enjoying getting my hands dirty, and thinking in black and white, working with values. Some of my small charcoal works on paper have gone to Equis Art Gallery in Red Hook, NY. I hope collectors of my work go check them out. They are 'going' at very easy on the purse-strings prices.  Some I consider studies, as I really liked them and feel as if I would like to explore them more as paintings. Some are really finished artwork.
"Dinner Is Served" , Charcoal and gouache, 12 x 20.5"  ©2016 

So far our spring has been lovely. I am behind on getting my veggie garden in, but the perennial gardens are coming along fine.
In between gardening and barn chores ....I am fitting in studio time. More works in the works!!

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