Monday, February 15, 2016

"Russet" in Winter

"Russet" , watercolor  , 8 x 13"  ©2016   Sold
Snow storms and winter's bitter chill have taken their toll on my studio time and frankly my get up and go, as far as creativity is concerned. I've taken an afternoon here and there , but I've been so tired and not able to get into anything too deep or needing concentration. Maybe it is lack of sun....or lack of sleep.....but here is one watercolor done, which was immediately sold. This handsome Morgan mare was a subject that I took photos of years ago ....and yet I only got around to painting it now. I loved how she turned her head to see my approach, as she was tied to her trailer, having just come back from a drive. Russet horse in a russet harness. Lovely.

I have been sketching a lot lately. I have started to fill up a Moleskin sketchbook that was given to me by a good friend years ago when we got our Morgan driving pair. She told me to sketch at Acadia when we go driving....but frankly  I am always too busy taking care of the horses there , or just enjoying being with the horses on a carriage drive. No time to sketch. But I did start to use the sketchbook last year on our trip to Pennsylvania and Weyth country. I am loving the paper and how it works with pencil and ink. Liked it so much I ordered a second smaller Moleskin sketch book to use with wet media. Here are  two graphite sketches done and they will each become  future paintings I am sure!

"The Colt"

"The Pair"
As we brace for another storm.....snow and then rain!! .....I am grabbing some studio time today. I am getting into my watercolor paintings again.... I  am painting!!

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