Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tidewater Farm's Summer's Bee Balm

"Summer's Bee Balm", casein , 10 x 10"©2016

This painting will be available at Tidewater Farm's  'A Taste Of Tidewater ' art event to be held on August 20th , 2016 . For more information about the event and the availability of this painting please contact the U.Maine Cooperative Extension  207-781-6099. 
Les and I have been driving our horses. It is that time of year where we get to do what we love....and horses are a big part of it. I won't get much studio time over the next few months, what with gardening and driving....but that's good. I always come back with new ideas and my creative juices flowing. A vacation of sorts to keep my brain working.
But I will be drawing... sketching

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