Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Subject - Two Mediums

"Head Study #2 At Acadia" , watercolor,  17 x 12"   ©2016

 Two works done recently. One subject. Two Mediums. Why?

This handsome carriage horse was first worked up as a graphite study, in order to get my values figured out in my head. Doing these preliminary sketches helps me a lot; especially when working from photos, and not from life. This horse was one of the horses who was on the American Driving Society's visit years ago to Maine and the carriage roads of Acadia. I captured more than several photos of this handsome guy and I have painted him before. This time I approached the painting a bit differently than other works done of him. His strong face and handsome features attracted me again. And because I have clients asking to purchase my sketches I have included the graphite of this image available on my website.

"Head Study #2 At Acadia", graphite, 14 x 11" ©2016

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