Friday, July 8, 2016

Robin's Egg Blue And A Luna Moth


"Robin's Egg Blue", oil on copper, 6 x 6" ©2016

There are so many Robin families living on our small farm. I guess they like the multitude of worms that dig in our soil.One lone egg was in this nest.....others came after. But I had to paint that lonely one "Robin's Egg Blue".
And several days ago we were again visited by a Luna Moth. Each year they come....and each year they intrigue me with their design. Very Klimt-ish. They come attracted by the back door light I keep on at night in an attempt to keep deer out of my studio garden and our vegetable garden. It doesn't seem to work. But it does seem to invite the Luna's to our farm. "Night Visitor" is available on my website as is "Robin's Egg Blue".

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