Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Painting - Cavallo Nel Campo

"Cavallo Nel Campo", oil ,12 x 12"  www.kathipeters.com

  Summer comes and goes too quickly it seems. It feels like only yesterday that we were planting seeds and waiting for them to sprout. Now we spend days mowing grass that grows too fast and trying, in vain, to keep up with the gardens and farm work. Days spent carriage driving at Acadia are few and far between . But I am getting into the studio and am painting and drawing as time allows. I have so many photos to pour over for future painting......as I actually look forward to slower days with the coming of fall.
"Cavallo In Campo" [ meaning Horse In The Field in Italian] was inspired by one of our horses, who often just stands watching what is going on in the woods surrounding our fields. He can stand for what seems hours just watching........watching life go by in the world around him...in the world out side of his pasture....his world.

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