Friday, July 7, 2017

Left Behind

"Left Behind" , oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 10 x 10" ©2017
In the winter , while on a walk with my JRT Nell, we came upon this robin's nest that lay on the cold snow. One blue egg, left behind for some unknown reason, lie still in the nest, unbroken. I carefully carried it and its nest back to my studio. I love doing paintings of different nests, and I loved how this nest had the terre vert colored moss woven into its beautiful structure. I will always wonder why this egg never hatched and why the nest fell where Nell and I saw if it was meant to be.
It's a nice break from rendering set up my own still life images .....and to get lost in the image.
"Left Behind"  is offered ready to hang as it is on gallery wrapped canvas and does not need to be framed.  Shipping and handling, as always, is included in its price for USA sales.

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