Monday, February 2, 2009

Urban Cowboy Updated

I saw it sitting here and saw what it needed and "got her done". The image of a very urban cowboy and his horse was given to me years ago by a local artist friend....she gave me this shot saying......."It looks like your kind of angle" was and is........and it is now done the way I wanted. This is a 14 x 11" casein on canvas board, not varnished, so it has the lovely matte finish that well-dried casein imparts.
Today I am going back into the 'From The Loft' painting that I have been showing as a Work In Progress.It is so amazing how much time is lost walking dogs and shoveling stalls..not to mention then snow of late. But I have also been busy finishing commissions and working around the farm.
And then today I also have been reading the new Western Art and Architecture magazine that arrived from Saks Gallery of Denver, CO. ...the magazine featured my painting "From The Loft- Winter" in their article about the WAOW show that is hanging there now. I would be lieing if I didn't say I how stoked I am about having my painting chosen to highlight that show!
I AND I have also started up a Facebook page..or what ever it is called. I think I named it "Kathi Peters/ Cob Cottage"...?? See if you can find me??

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