Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was the day the turkeys came out! They are everywhere! I just walked the dogs and the woods sounded like a turkey farm! Spring must not be far behind!! [Fingers crossed!]

My “big” painting is done. Finalmente! [As THEY say in Italy! ] So now there are 3 paintings in the “From The Loft” series. The first two done are on my website. This one is 30 x 40” and is drying now, standing up against the cupboard in my studio space. I wish I had more space so I could hang it here!!! I will be getting a better shot of it to put up on my website for your viewing…but not today.

I talked about the use of black in a previous blog-post. Yes…I do use black. I know a lot of painters say black should not be on your palette. Well it is on mine. I use white to make colors lighter, and black to make some colors darker. I am in good company…. because even the Old Masters used black. And with casein, black makes a lovely glazing to darken shadows.

And I am not a purist by any means! I find that the more “mature” I get... the less I can confine myself to traditional methods. I use anything to get the look and affect I aim at in any work I do. Brushes, pens, knives, charcoal, pastel, toothbrushes, sticks…AND EVEN TURKEY FEATHERS!!! So those turkey in the woods better be careful!!

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