Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nell's New Coat

This afternoon I was working in the studio on the two small paintings that I had started yesterday afternoon, when I heard someone in our front deck. By the time I got downstairs I saw a neighbor walking back to her car parked in the driveway....I called out to her...invited her in, but she said she was in a hurry....and she had left something for the puppy in the basket on the deck ...a early May Day present?
Actually it is Nell's birthday.five months old!!! .or very close to! How neat!
So the canine girls and I inspected the basket of goods....a squeaky hedgehog with bow, a blue rubber dumbbell and a fleecy faux sheepskin coat for Ms. Nell...the Florida girl! She had to model it and we have sent photos to Robyn to thank her for her gifts!

Addie is not very impressed....she says" Silly old JRT.....she does not have a beautiful three layered coat like I have!!!"


Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, Nell looks so cute in her new coat. I have a little rat terrier, so pretty similar. They are such fun little dogs! :-)

Kpeters said...

Kathleen...lovely painting of your RT....Our Nell keeps us in stitches with her antics.