Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Award I have been awarded a blog award…by a fellow artist and friend Sheona Hamilton-Grant.
I accepted this award last week [?or two?] and I am flattered to say the least!…and with the award I am asked to list 7 things that I love… AND to pass the award on to seven of my favorite art related blogs. Here it goes:

1. I love eating tangerines and then eating dark chocolate.
2. I love seeing the beautiful sunrises on the farm... but like to sleep late.
3. I love to read a book and eat a crunchy apple at the same time.
4. I love smelling the smell of dirt and composting leaves in the spring…and getting my hands into the dirt.
5. I love to sip wine and talk art, horses, dogs, life experiences.
6. I love laughing with my sister, Sonj.
7. I love my family, my horses, my dogs and my gardens…they give me life! I love life!

And here are the blogs I nominate:
Well..I have passed it on....and thanks again for thinking of me!
Now back to the painting at hand!

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