Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning "Blues"?

I am seeing lots of blue in this winter painting...and purple and gray. I have gone in with my casein and worked on the shadows and the sunlight dappling the snow. I have put more of the darks that will show up in the hay littering the paddock and the dark on Ms. Vicky...our cob mare.
All that is needed now is for me to hone in on the detail of hay and the highlights on the mare. I have checked it all out upside down and mirrored....
It seems that the days are flying by and I never finish my lists of to-do's. I supose that is a good thing??


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Kathi, like it when you get the blues...the result is well worth them !

Kpeters said...

Sheona....I like it better when the blues are in the painting and not in my heart!!
And yes...the blues are in my paint now! A good thing!