Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Work In Progress

Work in progress.....I write that and I think. “My goodness…I am a work in progress!!!!” :-)

Anyway…here are two “From The Loft “ shots as she stands today. I will do more this afternoon…. while I wait for a watercolor to dry.
Since the last time I posted I have gone into the painting with Titanium White casein mixed with Ultramarine Blue Deep casein and a bit of acrylic thrown in to the mix. I find that makes the casein dry a bit faster and glazes it so that it doesn’t give up so much of the bottom color as I brush through. My shadows are started to get where I want them and the darks are reaching the depth that I want. I have started highlighting the reflected light…and did you notice there is a lot of gray in white snow???

Here is a close up of Miss Vicky...there is Shiva Violet added to her body and glazed on the shadows. The hay will be the next project.

And then here is Nell! …Waiting for popcorn! She barks at the microwave. I think she thinks that makes it POP faster!!! Silly little JRT!

Now back to the drawing board!

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