Monday, January 26, 2009

Loft Series Part Two

With a small break from working on this painting...I am back at it. The weather here in Morrill, Maine has been very cold...and frankly I don't do cold well. I also see a slowing down of my working time...just taking care of the horses and walking the dogs takes so much time and effort. And then there are all the clothes I have to put on to stay warm..........zheesh....Tuscany here I come!

So , I have gone in and refined the lines of the horse with charcoal and planned where I want the hay piles and some more shadows. The lines need to be correct as the proportions are so skewed from this angle. I went in with more of my purple and blue for the shadows. And yes, I went in with Black! I use black........more on that later.

I will let this now sit and dry for 24 hours and get back working on a commission that I want to get done.

I will do that after I get dressed and clean stalls...........and walk the dogs ...etc etc...........


Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

Kathi I am really fascinated by your process. This wip makes me think that I should give my caseins another try...... you make it look so easy!!

Kpeters said...

Kim..I am sure you won't find them hard......and they give the work a earthy effect...the matte finish is different...I prefer it over acrylic. and it's green!!!