Friday, February 27, 2009

Turkeys In My Garden

They are everywhere....under the crab apple and marching down the path to the barn...and in the distance to the left they continue to march into the woods. Our pooches sit on the back of my living room chair and watch them, growling and sputtering at them. The big 'ugly' birds remind me of a bunch of church deacons walking with their hands behind their backs. Thank goodness Ben Franklin didn't get his way in having the National Bird be a Turkey.....!

So ...I have finished this casein painting and I am undecided as to where the work should go. It is always a dilemma deciding what work goes to which gallery, which show...but I guess I should be grateful that I am burdened with this "problem"!

In the mean time.....This is a 18 x 18" gallery wrapped canvas and the painting will be put up on my website in the Equine & Domestic Animals Collection.


Kathleen Coy said...

Laughing at your description of the turkey's walk. We have a lot of wild turkey here too, every year there are more and more. When the sunlight hits their feathers they're really beautiful. :-)

Love the new painting, the colors are so nice, and 18 x 18 is such a fun size!

sfox said...

I like the square format, too. I've just done a couple of 12x12s and it's a nice change from the 6x8s.

The casein has such an interesting visual quality. Not like oil or watercolor at all from what I can see on my monitor.

Nice painting!

Kpeters said...

I find I love the "problem" of figuring out the composition in a square format..and I tend to like strong design elements..hence the square format!
So on to the next! another 18 x 18 painting in the works!!!