Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waxing Poetic.

Arbor is DONE!

"There's a warmth in the distance.
I can feel it in the air.The fields that last were snow covered,
Lay dappled brown and bare.
But promise comes of emerald green
And yellow daisies bright,
A star filled sky and warmer breeze
And peepers in the night. "

The weather finally changed and we have been blessed with warm sunny days and cool nights with peepers and hooty owls singing their spring songs. The lawn and fields are greening and trees are budding, with more bursting forth each day. I think that we can safely put the snow shovel away,but I hesitant to do that for fear that it will tempt fate....sure to bring a blizzard. Yet I am going to plant my lettuce and cilantro next week.

I had a good week in the studio, delivered a painting to Belfast and made some headway on cleaning out a bit in a full unorganized studio. And with the garden arbor DONE....we are making headway in the direction of summer!!

Also done....another small casein of Keeneland Race Track.....and changes in my website. Be sure and take a cruise around my site and tell your friends about it too. Sign up for my newsletter on my website.....and invite friends to sign up also!  Now back to the studio. Good news to tell next time!

"Keeneland #2"      casein on board                6 x 6"


Ashleigh said...

The arbor looks great! What are you going to grow on it?

Brenda Watts said...

I LOVE your arbor...just love it. you must be so pleased. What are you thinking for plantings?? I have been wanting to make something with a bit of a natural or rustic feel for my cat enclosure....oh you have me thinking.

NoviceArtist said...

Your arbor looks great...also interested in what plantings you'll be using for it.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

The arbor looks great!

Kpeters said...

The arbor has grapes and clematis growing on it now.Morning glories also come up each year,some planted and some volunteers. It is shady under their cover. A good place to sit and sip wine,read a book.