Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Brings Foals

"A Yearling"                       Casein on board                          6 x 6"  

Between shoveling and dreaming of spring I have had some creative progress in the studio. 
This little  casein pictured above is done and available through my website's Small Works Collection.  The subject is a handsome yearling  who I met at Cobra Farm during my Lexington,KY  visit last year. All the yearlings were getting ready for the weekend's Young Stock Sales.......a sad and a happy time. Young stock were headed to their new life....no longer left to just play and grow.They had a purpose in life.....and the weekend  sales would determine that to a point. I saw so many at Cobra Farm that I would have loved to take home with me. Like I need another hole in my head!!

It is raining today.A spring misty moisty morning. The farrier is here trimming our horses feet. Our horses are left barefoot. They have not felt the metal of shoes for years. I think they like that. I am headed to the studio for the rest of the afternoon. I need to clean the studio up a bit before I start on some bigger paintings now....and finish a commission.


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

We lost a foal this year. I was in Florida (just got back), so I'm not sure what happened yet. Momma's doing ok though. (whew!) Beautiful painting.

Kpeters said...

So sorry to hear about your loosing a foal....that is so hard.We lost a foal one year when out TWH mare had twins....one survived.It was so sad. Give the Momma a hugs from us here!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I always try to remember it's part of life, but I cry anyway. Momma's doing ok.